Elegant Clio Invisible Speaker with Edge Motion Technology

Can you spot a speaker in the first image blow? If you can’t, don’t worry, it is meant to be. Clio Invisible Speaker features thin, transparent, and beautiful shape that blends perfectly in elegant contemporary interior décor. It is named after one of 9 Greek Goddesses of music, song, and dance. Play your favorite music […]


Timbre Speaker Uses a Pair of Glass Vessels to Control The Timbre

Timbre Speaker looks a wooden box with a pair of bowls, a fruit bowl to be exact, but it actually creates unique acoustic sound. This minimalist speaker offers the essence of speaker, designed by Casey Lin, a New Zealand designer, the electronic parts are hidden inside a wooden that transfers the sound to those 2 […]


Tap Strap 2 – Wearable Keyboard and Mouse with AirMouse Feature

Control your device with gestures, it is made possible by Tap Strap 2. This is actually the second generation of wearable keyboard and mouse, this time, it features AirMouse capability where you can control devices such as smart TVs or iPads with AirMouse functionality. Connected through Bluetooth, Tap Strap 2 allows user to use a simple wave of the hand to […]

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