PowerDock 5 Charging Station by Griffin Technology

A single dock to rule them all. PowerDock 5 provides each of your gadget its own charging port and it doesn’t take much space on your table or countertop. It’s a great solution to bring order of chaos for all gadget freaks. Each charging bay is spacious enough to accommodate your iPad along with its case, therefore, there’s no need for you to remove your precious iPad from the case to charge...
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Nintendo Will Launch A New Family Member, a Nintendo Dsi

Nintendo is one name in the field of video game consoles which needs no introduction. Even if you are not a game addict, you must have heard it from others as there are millions of people from all over the world who are the die-hard fans of the Nintendo products. They are about to release a brand new member of the Nintendo DS genre which will not only feature better functionality bit also enhance ...
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Dartsmate Pro : Future Scoring in Dart Gaming ?

Dart and bingo games is classic games that last forever. Check this new concept of scoring equipment which is used across Europe and America for the darts and bingo market. This concept by HJC Design has additional gaming features to be used by professionals. This scoring equipment has fully understanding user interface and working. HJC has designed it in a way that it is adaptable to accept futur...
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