LM2 Streamliner Hypercar Can Be Controlled Completely Via Smart Devices

LM2 Streamliner features twin turbo DOHC V8 engine 1700 HP with twin intercoolers, this futuristic car is claimed to be able to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in less than 3 seconds. The design of LM2 Streamliner is sheer purity and proportion, it aims t...
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Empiria Classic Futurism Concept Car by Hector Alvarez

Héctor Álvarez has designed Empiria Classic Futurism Concept Car for his Master in Automotive Design at Coventry University. It’s a futuristic vehicle inspired by contrast between opposites, it also pays tribute to the Spanish marque Pegasus. Thi...
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Futuristic Infiniti SYPNATIQ Race Car Concept for A.R.C Race in 2029

In not so distant future, let’s say 2029, it seems that A.R.C race becomes prestigious competition among car makers. This time, INFINITE has come up with futuristic concept car of its own team called SYNAPTIQ. The Air.Rally.Circuit race uses a univ...
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Felino cB7 Sports Car Designed for A Race Track But Would Possibly Be Street Legal

Felino cB7 sports car was unveiled during the 46th Salon International de Montreal. Felino Cars, auto manufacturer of Montreal invited automobile press and media to preview its latest sports car. This company is not a new player in motorsports, but i...
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Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Grand Sport Concept Car by Alan Guerzoni

After creating the previous Atlantique coupe version, it seemed evident that the spirit of this car could be directed to comfort and elegance, as well as to performances and brutal emotions testable only on track. So this time, Alan Guerzoni decid...
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Renault Kwid Concept Car Comes With Flying Companion

Renault Kwid concept car was unveiled at the Delhi Auto Show, it’s a stylish and modern car that highlights Renault’s commitment to new markets such as India. It’s a proof of Renault’s ability to produce appealing products in small car segmen...
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ZOOX Level 4 Mobility Company Features Bi-Directionality Driving System

Eventually autonomous technology is going to replace our conventional car. Driverless car might be said a new technology to us, but you can read in the news, currently giant auto manufacturers are developing their autonomous technology, pushing techn...
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Mazda Auto Adapt For The Year of 2025

In the future, majority of us have imagined driverless car, and Mazda wants to offer a future vision of 2025 car. Mazda Auto Adapt offers a futuristic car that is based on biological phenomenon of adaptation and especially how insects have adapted to...
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Nissan BladeGlider Concept Car Revolutionizes The Architecture of Our Conventional Vehicles

Debuting at Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan BladeGlider concept car is the latest future vision of Nissan e-vehicle. It was the result of exploring the prototype of Nissan ZEOD RC. Led by Francois Bancon, a division general manager of Product Strategy and P...
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EZY Rider : Personal Vehicle for India’s Urban Traffic Condition

EZY Rider has been designed for India's urban traffic condition, it’s a 2-person personal vehicle. The posture of the driver and passenger when they ride this car adapt to make the interior feel spacious and airy, thanks to high headroom which was ...
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Infinitlar Autonomous Futuristic Vehicle for The Year of 2040

Infinitlar is an autonomous futuristic vehicle concept targeted for 2040 to resolve the increasing population around the globe. The idea behind this project is to migrate home and transport into a small compact space to accommodate your daily basis n...
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Snake Futuristic Car by Liwen He

Snake futuristic car was inspired by the flexibility of snake’s bone that allows it to move smoothly through narrow tunnels. In this way, when you’re driving in narrow streets, you can easily move forward sneaking around other vehicles smoothly. ...
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SoberPixels Red Racer : Futuristic F1 Concept Racing Car by Ronald de Groot

SoberPixels Red Racer could be the next generation of F1 Racing Cars. It’s a futuristic car that blends the aesthetic of F1 racing car and neon-powered engine. The body of the car has been designed extremely low, suitable for indoor racetracks, per...
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Flake Futuristic Concept Car by Da Feng

Flake futuristic concept car was born out of an idea to design a futuristic car that is almost alive. It can lean into the corner and behave like a life creature unlike our traditional cars that usually have boxed body design on wheels. Da Feng, an a...
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Supersonic Futuristic Car by Marko Lukovic

The Supersonic is developed by Marko Lukovic of Serbia, a professor of industrial design. The structural design of SUPERSONIC is very essential and unique compared to other cars. Supersonic can carry two people seated one behind the other. It's been ...
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