Oiio Oto Pod : Futuristic Public Transportation Concept for The City of Los Angeles

Oiio Oto Pod offers a futuristic public transportation concept to reduce the use of private car-based transportation. Los Angeles has become one of mega cities that is notorious for its private car-based transportation, this type of vehicle uses too many resources yet with too little effect. On daily basis, there are only one to two […]


Nomic Autonomous Vehicle: Check in And Enjoy The Ride!

Nomic is a concept of a self-driving car. It questions the way how those vehicles can be designed. Of course, it’s electric. The concepts stand for an easy to use self-explaining traveling. Just hold your phone to the car door, get in and after you say your destination you’re on your way. In contrast to […]


Borderlands Claptrap Talking Car Charger Fits Your Standard Cup Holder

Claptrap is back, it’s a unique character from Borderlands. CL4P-TP is a general purpose robot manufactured by Hyperion, it’s not just a machine, this robot is programmed with personality that brags frequently yet expresses severe loneliness. Borderlands Claptrap Talking Car Charger wants to bring this cute robot in your car, it fits in your standard cup holder and his eye would […]

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