disOrder Furniture : Arrange These Multiple Objects To Suit Your Needs

Inspired by puzzles and tangram (ancient Chinese puzzle), Sanjin Halilovic has come up with disOrder furniture concept. This concept consists of multi-functional objects where users can tailor them in a way to create a new object based on their needs. The main objective of this project is to develop multifunctional objects that can serve for […]


Shape and Function Modular Furniture by Sanjin Halilovic

Shape and Function modular furniture design is a set of multi-purpose furniture which can be broken down into different furniture set such as a table, a chair, or a couch. This is an ingenious design for small spaces as you probably notice how the future seems moving to smaller modern living spaces. This furniture design […]


Edison Rustic Lamp Design Demonstrates The Elegance of 19th Century

Gorgeous Edison rustic lamp design that would light up your desk in style. If you’re into industrial style décor or steampunk light, this would be the perfect lamp for you. Handmade in USA, the pipe used is made from real steel, there are five socket variations you can choose and three wood base finishes. Each set comes with […]

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