Next-Generation User Interface for Intuitive Touch-Based Operations by Fujitsu

Could this be our next generation touch screen interface? Fujitsu Laboratories Limited has announced its latest development that would allow you to engage intuitive, fingertip operations on printed paper. This new technology is able to accurately detect your finger movements and what it is touching by using only cameras and projectors. If the experiment was […]


Flexible Crowd Notebook To Fit Any Application or Intended Use

The Crowd was designed in Germany by Philipp Schaake. It has won the second place under the LIFEBOOK category for Fujitsu Design Award 2011. It features a range of special usage technique together with a slate pattern, notebook design, and also a configuration where the display screen and keyboard are detached. This design plan provides […]


MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand Seamlessly Integrated with Your Laptop

MOFT Laptop Stand is probably world’s lightest adhesive laptop stand around yet, it is designed and developed in a way that is perfect for mobile working. It allows you, a road warrior, to work anywhere with ease and comfort. Thanks to its “invisible design” philosophy, this piece is unseen when attached, unnoticed when carried, and unfelt when worked on. This laptop stand functions as a seamless appendage of your computer. Made from unique PU and fiberglass material, MOFT is strong enough to hold up to […]

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