Paraton-e Futuristic Vehicle Blurs The Line Between a Car and a Motorcycle

Paraton-e futuristic concept vehicle aims to amalgamate sustainable thinking with new material technologies to produce a vehicle that effectively fills the gap between car and motorcycle. Issues surrounding the sustainability of recurring urban commutes and increasing traffic congestion have been addressed. As such, this vehicle was conceived to be an ecologically sensitive solution that simultane...
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Wind Cube Modularized Wind Power System For Urban City Lifestyle

Wind Cube modularized wind power system has been designed for urban city lifestyle. The concept consists of 3D wind fields since 2D design is insufficient. The modularized design helps each unit to automatically create a circuit with the power generated by itself. The power then can be used by the families for the purpose of saving energy and reducing carbon footprint. Designer : Liao-Hsun Chen...
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IDAPT i1 Eco : Eco Friendly Universal Charger

A highly recognized mobile technology leader, IDAPT, is quite elated to introduce the availability of the innovative eco-friendly IDAPT i1 Eco. Made completely of recycled materials, the solid IDAPT i1 Eco meets Energy Star standards as well as lessens the user’s carbon footprint when charging several electronic devices. Its intuitive Auto-off system turns off the charger when not in use, with a...
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