Foldable and Compact Table and Chair for Traveling

Inside this little round bag, you’ll find foldable table and chair that can be very handy when you need to work while on-the-go. It’s meant to be used for single person, simply open this bag and it reveals a chair and some pipes to support the table. You can use it to work on laptop, or simple break, very easy to use and easy to carry. Designer : Arun Paul (more…)...
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SNAP Foldable Skateboard Will Not Break!

SNAP Foldable Skateboard, the company claimed that this is the world’s first professionally made folding skateboard. These 3 decks are constructed from durable high grade aluminum, joined by high strength steel, therefore it is definitely stronger compared to traditional wooden deck. The foldable design makes this skateboard easy to carry everywhere, when folded, it becomes a compact 14.3” x 7.87” x 5” unit (thank you to its patented hinges mechanism), simply keep it in your backpack on-...
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Modern, Stylish and Foldable Helmet Every Cyclist Has Been Dreaming Of

Folding Helmet Overade was born out of the collaboration between an engineer Philippe Arrourart and Patrick Jouffret from 360, a design agency based in France. The problem with wearing bicycle helmets is that the helmet becomes cumbersome after use, I don’t want to leave it on the bike because someone might steal it, yet I hate to carry it with me. This innovative folding helmet design is like the answer to my prayers (all cyclists’ prayers) for good looking, stylish and easy to carry helmet...
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Everywhere Foldable Electric Scooter by Jae Pyung Lee

Everywhere is a modern and stylish electric scooter design from Jae Pyung Lee. It’s been designed to provide a safe ride and make it easy to carry around, on a bus or on a train. Jae said that Everywhere Foldable electric scooter could be said a high-end scooter with its digital dashboard to inform its user about the speed. The wide tracking back wheels offer good balance even for beginners, the high power LED tail lights and headlights make this vehicle visible in the dark. We think you’ll ...
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Sorena Foldable Urban Street Bicycle by Mahdi Momeni

Sorena foldable urban street bicycle has been designed for both men and women. The sporty design encourages young people to use it, especially for urban street since this bike can be easily folded by unlocking 2 levers using simple mechanism. User can easily carry it while in a train, a bus, or public places to prevent bicycle theft. The unique feature of this bike is the ability to adjust its length and the distance between handlebar to saddle. Since this bike is meant for men and women, it...
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Float : Foldable Solar Catamaran To Spend Time At The Lake

Float is now available within your means to take pleasure in a day away from shore. It is developed for students and the young professionals. It is designed by Jeffrey Greger with his partner, an industrial designer student Timo Bücker, when they were studying overseas at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany. The love of students to spend time at the lake inspired the creation of this boat. It is available in an affordable price and can be compactly placed in apartment’s garage. It is easy to set up...
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Futuristic RollTop Foldable Notebook with 17-inch OLED Display and Full Fledged Keyboard

The RollTop is a flexible notebook concept that can be folded like a roll of paper allowing the user ultimate convenience of carrying and storing it even in a congested place. It features a 17” flat-screen OLED display when fully rolled out with the multi-touch facility that will offer the ease and functionality of that of an iPhone. Also, when required, it can be folded into a 13” smart tablet pc. Aside from the touch-screen controlling, it features full fledged keyboard like conventional ...
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