Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 Sweater/Vess Backpack Design by Terence Simmons

Swack Fusion Pack is the second generation of the famous Terence Simmons sweater/vess backpack design. With few additional modifications and technology, this concept turns into something better: thinner and lighter. Just like the previous version, the unique feature about this concept is the fusion of sweater and a backpack. Although the backpack is light, it expands for larger items, you can keep...
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Bracelet KEY Is Ideal for People That Keep Losing Their Keys

Some people just seem to keep on losing their keys as simply as put them down and then forget. It’s really frustrating, do you think Bracelet KEY could be the simple and practical solution for this problem? This product transforms your key into fashion item. If you have experienced in losing your key before then you know it can result in embarrassment, inconvenience and the financial cost to ...
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2046 Personal Commuter in Paris by Daisuke Iguchi

This concept is called “2046 Personal Commuter in Paris” since it was imagined to be the future of public transportation in the city of fashion and design. In 2046, Paris will become an urban complex where public transport facilities should be enhanced to accommodate its urban dwellers. This Japanese automotive designer has introduced electric car sharing system using this personal futuristic ...
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Train Wreck Bike by Colby Higgins

Train Wreck bike features steampunk style bike with awesome details. The main goal this industrial designer was to bring back iconic form into different and interesting object. Designer’s own words: My inspiration was derived from a lot of different sources. I have always had a fascination with old fashion mechanics. We don't see the technology outwardly exposed enough anymore due to the ris...
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Blu Musical Keyboard : Electronic Musical Instrument for Kids

Inspired by Toy Blocks, Blu musical keyboard is a musical instrument for kids which can be played just like building blocks. The keyboard design works as re-imagined keys in a modular and highly flexible fashion. When children play with building blocks, they develop shape recognition skill and improve eye-hand coordination. Keeping this in mind, the designer started to develop unique musical instr...
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Easyliner Makes Eyeliner Applying Easier And More Interesting

Eye lining is an indispensable part of modern girl’s fashion; however, applying eyeliner comes with some inconveniences and is a time consuming event. If you are not very much experienced about it, possibilities are, you may not be able to apply the same amount of eyeliner to both the eyes. EasyLiner concept is a perfect solution for this problem. This innovative concept features a scanner wi...
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Elegant Bamboo Fountain Was Inspired by Asian Fountains

Boasting an elegant look is the new Bamboo Fountain, a high-end tap inspired by Asian fountains. To avoid any waste in the sink, the water flows gracefully in a slow fashion. The tap incorporates a purifying cartridge that helps clean the water from impurities. A temperature selector display on the top helps the user to keep track of the water temperature level. Furthermore, extra cartridges inclu...
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Luxury BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo Trussardi

Typically when an automaker teams up with a fashion house on a cooperative effort, result is in the form of a first-rate hatchback. Yes, it is the collaborative effort between BMW Italy and Italian fashion house Trussardi, which led to launch of the limited edition Luxury BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo Trussardi. Celebrating the centenary of Italian fashion house Trussardi, the special edition 5-Ser...
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Electricfoxy Zip Jacket Features Built-In Music Controls

Clothes that allow you to control your tech devices aren’t new though, however, the new jacket by Electricfoxy, the “Zip” takes things a little further. It links music playback functions to stuffs where different zippers are positioned. Although this idea sounds silly, it could lead to pretty unusual combinations. The zip jacket is even more evolved, taking the concept far ahead. You can hav...
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