Anakonda KAN200 Flexible Speaker by K-Array

No, it’s not an audio cable, Anakonda KAN200 is an innovative flexible speaker, designed to meet your needs of ultra sleek, flexible, and reliable speakers. It’s definitely not your conventional speaker box, the design fits for just about any distributed sound application, its lightness and body design help to make it easily integrated within existing structures. You can either use it as a sta...
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Ricasol Bra Dryer 2.0 by Alexander Farennikov

Washing and drying a bra can be tricky if you didn’t know how, well, you might end up with ripples in the cups. Hand wash your bras is highly recommended, especially underwires, but when it comes to dry your bras, hanging them could stretch them out as well as hot temperature of clothes dryer. A friend of Alexander Farennikov mentioned these issues and suggested that a special appliance should b...
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Airblow 2050 : Futuristic Umbrella Without Fabric, Would You Use It?

Airblow 2050 is your futuristic umbrella concept. This project has been designed as part of James Dyson Award based on the idea how unpractical our conventional umbrella is. As you already know, umbrella causes your floor wet, users collision, and turns inside out when strong wind blows. Keeping this in mind, the designer played with the idea what if there’s no fabric? What can we use to protect...
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Dog House Dryer Concept by Lucy Jung

Pet dryer house is already in market and it is well used in lots of pet saloons and some family houses. This product has shown that it is less stressful for dogs and cats to be dried without peoples hand touching them too much and with less dryer noise. However, there were still problems. First of all, it gave impression of microwave - making people think it is animal abuse. Also, although it had ...
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Urbanears Bagis Earphones Snap Together Like Legos

Don’t like it when your earphones dangle around your neck? Well, Urbanears can help you with that. Its brand new Bagis earphones offer the ear pieces that can snap together to wrap around your neck while not in use. Simple design yet clever. These earphones feature a fabric and TPE cord to prevent tangling. Designer : Urbanears [php snippet=45] (more…)...
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