Zetra Extreme Weather Vehicle by Adis Sabic

Zetra Extreme Weather Vehicle project is based around the theme of extreme weather in a future scenario as a consequence of a changing climate. There will be a need for a vehicle which can effectively commute in all intense weather scenarios, taking extra notice of user safety and comfort through a shock absorbing’ features. This […]


Urbliner Electric Vehicle for The City of Bogota, Colombia in 2030

Urbliner electric vehicle was born out of the idea of developing transportation solution for college students in the city of Bogota, Colombia in 2030. Based on researches, young students are usually fun, different, extreme, and thrill seekers, they demand vehicle that can meet their lifestyle needs. The main problems we have to face on daily […]


Floately LUNA Floating Moon Lamp Creates Soothing and Relaxing Atmosphere

Mysterious and enchanting, Luna is a floating moonlight that represents timeless symbol of romance and wonder. Designed as an exact miniature replica of the moon, Luna allows you to gaze into this enchanting celestial body any day of the year. Place this in your living room or work desk, it creates soothing and […]

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