SoberPixels Red Racer : Futuristic F1 Concept Racing Car by Ronald de Groot

SoberPixels Red Racer could be the next generation of F1 Racing Cars. It’s a futuristic car that blends the aesthetic of F1 racing car and neon-powered engine. The body of the car has been designed extremely low, suitable for indoor racetracks, per...
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Brayton 6 Concept Bike by Colby Higgins

The Brayton 6 concept bike was designed from the inside out in order to create a true high-performance machine. Designed by Colby Higgins, the designer of Train Wreck Bike, you can expect this bike design is going to be extraordinary. The power-to-we...
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Futuristic Frog eBike Features Hubless Rear Wheel and Void Body

Cool futuristic Frog eBike has been designed to celebrate the heritage of motorcycle design while looking at the bright future of electric transportation technologies. Every since bicycle was born like almost 200 years ago, designers and manufacturer...
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Pumpkin Portable Water Filtration System by Samuel Bernier

Bring Pumpkin portable water filtration system when you go to camp or have any outdoor activities, it would become very handy when there’s no clean water around you. This tool uses a UV filtration system, charcoal filter, hydraulic pump combined wi...
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Lamborghini Ferruccio Concept to Celebrate Lamborghini 50th Anniversary

Next year the legendary supercar manufacturer Lamborghini will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. The history is filled with amazing ideas, shapes and innovations... not to mention amazing designs that are often way ahead of their time. This long a...
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Fleet Street Motorcycle Is A Combination of Super Bike, Cafe Racer and Naked Bike

The Fleet Street motorcycle is a hybrid between naked bike, super bike and cafe racer. It cannot be contained in any known category. The Fleet Street motorcycle has been designed for every day travel to work, with its powerplant, it is capable of pro...
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Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch by Marko Petrovic

The Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch is a design study of a vertical tourbillon concept watch and has been made to pay the tribute to Italian bull. The design language follow the existing Lamborghini Aventador, taking inspiration from the rear part-...
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Air XLDron Unmanned Aircraft For Space Tourism by Oscar Vinals

In the near future, the space tourism will become a big hit as one of great vacations. This project is to simplify the transportation not to mention safety. "Air XLDron" is an unmanned aircraft with high performance turbofan engine. There’s not muc...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Novague Yacht Features Huge Solar Panel Wings

Novague Yacht has been designed with solar panel wings on both sides of the boat to power its engine. During the day, the yacht can extend the solar panels just like a bird’s wings to save the energy from sun. Thus, the energy can be used for diffe...
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BMW Ghost Sports Bike Design Inspiration Came From A Snowy Owl

BMW Ghost sports bike is a concept design study of what our next generation motorcycle should look like. If you are BMW aficionado, you probably realize the resemblance between this design and BMW concept 6, because Ghost is actually inspired by the ...
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Inspired By Wasp, Daboor Jet Ski Design by Hussien Al Jammazi

DABOOR jet ski body design was inspired by the wasp. The main idea is to create a Jet Ski vehicle that is not only light and fast, but also unique. The designer says that this vehicle runs on Suzuki Hayabusa Twin turbocharged V8 2800cc engine for 100...
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Ambient Alerts Will Update You About Your Car’s Condition Like A Heartbeat

As an excellent alternative to the existing engine warning lights, Ambient Alerts have been unveiled. This helps drivers to diagnose faults within a car, in case it occurs. The problem with the existing systems is that they show very scanty informati...
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One-Person Hybrid Vehicle For Recreational Use by Facundo Elias

This futuristic vehicle is an excellent one-hybrid vehicle developed mainly to carry 2 different technologies including one for combustion and other one for an electric. In terms of the vehicle's internal combustion engine, it features 160 cc 4-strok...
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AvA 299 Drop Helicopter Concept by Timon Sager

The DROP is a pioneering Heli concept dedicated for Heliboarding. Its coaxial design offer numerous benefits including an increased payload for the similar engine power, a tail rotor usually wastes power, which would have been dedicated to lift and t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Phase 2.0 Futuristic Vehicle Can Handle Wider Variety of Terrain

Well it is difficult to imagine what transportation in future would like with the way designers are coming up with innovative vehicle designs. That being said, if you had to ride to your organization in the new concept Phase 2.0, you certainly wouldn...
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