FoldingBoat : Quick and Easy Access Foldable Lifeboat

If only we can keep FoldingBoat in our house when we live in high-risk of flood area, that would be a great life saver. This concept is a foldable lifeboat which can be foled into easy-to-carry pack, making it easy to store and transport. A perfect lifeboat especially for emergency relief in flooded areas since it requires only low maintenance. Aside from that, this concept boat is also ideal for ...
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Future Mobile Emergency Relief Ports

This is not an ordinary building structure for residence but it has been specially designed for temporary disaster relief housing. This concept has been designed by New York's O.E.M named as MERP's (Mobile Emergency Relief Ports). Each and every disaster prone areas need this kind of concept for the safety of its people. These buildings are designed in a zigzag manner, keeping in mind all precauti...
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