S3TR Streeter Concept Personal Vehicle for Urban City Area

S3TR Streeter is a concept of single person vehicle for urban city area but is also capable of traveling in short distance routes out of town. The distance range depends on battery type and capacity but falls between 20 and 40 kilometers. One of the major requirements during design process was to include great fun while driving, so airplane-like controls and tilting mechanism to steer (like flying...
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Birò Personal Electric Vehicle with Removable Battery

Cruising in the city is easier when you ride Birò Personal Electric Vehicle. Its compact size makes it easy to navigate through urban traffic as well as park in scooter spaces, practical and smart. You can save a lot of time and be in a place you need to be on-time, this vehicle can hold your stuff inside its internal compartments, spacious enough to carry items for your everyday life. Even thoug...
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nThree Electric Vehicle Offers The Comfort of A Car with The Cost of An E-Bike

nThree electric vehicle aims to provide you with affordable, personal vehicle that features the comfort of a car yet with the cost of an e-bike. It sounds pretty ambitious and interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s read what these designers have to say about the project. Following the recent electric revolution of lightweight vehicles around the world, the nThree is a new design, following the very...
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The Rover : Compact Aluminum Electric Vehicle by Works Electric

The Rover, an electric scooter from Works Electric, a great company who set themselves to build world’s greatest electric vehicle. Well, the result is Rover, a small, fun, and easy to operate vehicle that reaches a maximum range of 36-miles after a full battery charge and a top speed of 33 mph. Hand built in USA, all materials and parts are sourced locally in Portbland, at the dashboard, there...
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Nirvash Electric Motorbike Was Inspired by Street Fighters and American Muscle Cars of The 60s

Nirvash concept electric motorbike has been designed with intention to develop a new eco-friendly electric vehicle with replaceable power supply. This motorbike features bold design language inspired by street fighters, racing bikes and American muscle cars from 60’s, and still this motorbike looks futuristic and unique, but recognizable. The main goal of this project is to come up with a con...
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Skoda Kite Electric Car Concept Was Inspired by Sport Kite

Skoda Kite was a school project to come up with an electric vehicle that represents the characteristic of ecological and agile driving system. The car should be iconic yet easy to recognize as part of Skoda brand, therefore, it features some characteristics of Skoda. The main design was inspired by the effectiveness and dynamic aesthetics of sport kite. It has unique trunk opening system while ...
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Peugeot Scooter 2++ For Future Micro Urban Mobility

Peugeot Scooter 2++ was born out of the intention to provide two wheeled scooter customers with better safety and storage. These designers had found and analyzed the issues of these vehicles such as storage, safety, theft, and security, they also took into account the constraints of drivers who refuse to ride 2-wheeled vehicles. Having identified these issues, they have come up with good soluti...
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All Electric Rinspeed microMAX Concept Car For Short Distance Transfers

Rinspeed microMAX concept car is a visionary Swiss car to revolutionize urban traffic. The intention is pretty unique, this vehicle tries to merge personal and public transportation in clever fashion, yes, Swiss is not only famous for its watches and chocolate but also innovative transportation concepts. Frank M. Rinderknecht, the boss of Rinspeed explains that modern ride share centers nowadays a...
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BOLT Electric Bike Concept by Springtime

Bolt electric bike reminds us of futuristic frog ebike, but Bolt features modern style. This electric bike has been designed with careful consideration or the order and proportions of volumes in the product. Since it’s an electric vehicle, there won’t be any fuel tank and combustion engine, it makes this bike design minimalist and visually attractive. Designer : Springtime (more...
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Volteis V+ by Philippe Starck – Less and More

Volteis V+ is an electric vehicle that has been designed with “less and more” concept in mind. They are two words that are used to describe this unidentified rolling object by Philippe Starck and conceived by Volteis. This is clearly a minimalist and simple vehicle, a completely different approach to futuristic electric vehicles that have been shown off by most automotive industries. It’s an...
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VEU : Individual Electric Vehicle That Can Be Transformed Into a Trolley in Seconds

The name of VEU stands for Vehiculo Electrico Unipersonal or in English Individual Electric Vehicle. As you probably can guess, the main objective of this bike is to design a collapsible bike where you can carry almost anywhere. A bike can carry you from one point to another, like from your house to a bus stop, however, most of the time, you have to leave/park your bike somewhere if you’re going...
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ParaMoto Trike by Zvezdan Nedeljkovic

ParaMoto Trike has been designed based on 3 biggest passions of the designer: flying, motorcycling, and design. This lightweight electric vehicle can easily be transformed to an ordinary scooter to a powered paragliding Trike. Easy to drive, easy to fly. The designer says it’s an economic and safe way to travel and have fun. Safe? Hm…I prefer traveling by car, thank you. Designer : Zvezdan ...
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Helix Wind Generating Roadster by Minchul Kim

Helix is a new proposal of electric Roadster that breaks old stigmas of inefficiency and wasted mobility. This vehicle explores a new way to generate energy to power an electric vehicle by using energy re-generatively under braking. Helix is a concept roadster that pursues the efficient driving by realizing more active aerodynamics to manipulate the wind when this vehicle is on the move and regene...
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ECOmove QBEAK Electric Vehicle Is A Modular Transformable Transportation

EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard unveiled Ecomove’s innovative electric car, QBEAK. Connie Hedegaard, soon after revealing the car, took the chance to receive further information regarding the sedan and its climate advantages. The new QBEAK is a lightweight eco-car that is able to run further when compared to other electric sedans per charge. The selection of materials makes lots ...
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Aiolos : Futuristic Vehicle That Generates Its Own Energy From The Wind

Seoul as the capital city of Korea is very well known for its large population and skyscrapers. Aiolos is a futuristic vehicle that aims at creating a great urban environment where users can produce their own energy from the wind power generated by those skyscrapers forest phenomena. This electric vehicle harvests natural energy from the wind while you drive around the city. It is equipped with di...
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