GinzVelo Hybrid Bicycle Offers New Way to Cruise Around The City

Peter Ginzburg designed and developed GinzVelo to change how we travel in cities and suburbs. It’s a combination of pedal and electric power, giving you ultimate bike driving experience, yep, he claims that this bike moves as fast as a car. At first sight, the unusual shape might make you wonder, this vehicle has been designed to be safe, efficient, and healthy, even though it looks like a spaceship, basically it’s an advanced bicycle. Powered by human, assisted by electricity, this bike int...
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Yamaha O±O : Electrically Power Assisted Bicycle by Jose Gonzalez

Yamaha O±O or O Plus Minus O is a conceptual electric powered assisted bike born out of the project of “AH A MAY”. It’s a special Yamaha project that made two design divisions of two Yamahas exchanged their design fields. For this project, a musical instrument designer has come up with an e-bike that re-charges itself. When the battery power is out, a rider can place the bike on a recharging stand and pedal it to re-charge the battery. This battery power can be used not only for the bike ...
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Leaos 2.0 : Carbon Fiber e-Bike Features Italian Style

Leaos 2.0, a carbon fiber e-bike now comes with more elgant and mature design, completed with NuVinci automatic shifting. The company says that NuVinci will be standard from now on, you can expect to have the same technology for future model. Its carbon handlebar is integrated with LCD display that provides you with essential information about the bike, the Battery:11.6 Ah is developed with the manufacturer BMZ and located in the frame to keep it hidden from plain view. The new generation engine...
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Voxan Electric Motorcycle Delivers 200 HP and 200 Nm Instant Torque

Voxan Electric Motorcycle is a radically look motorbike that draws its inspiration from the future to exist in the present. It’s a powerful all electric bike with aluminum exoskeleton chassis that houses all components of the powertrain. Voxan features parallelogram-shaped four-link suspension (two dual oscillating arms) up to the rear that creates an extension of battery pack towards rear axle. The horizontality adds stability and elegance to this bike. The overall design of this bike repr...
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Modern and Stylish Xkuty Electric Bike by Electric Mobility Company

Modern and minimalist Xkuty Electric Bike allows you to easily cruising around even in traffic jam. Thanks to the combination of aluminum and composites, this bike weights only 42kg (depending on the configuration), pretty light isn’t it? Handling this bike won’t be that hard. Enjoy the ride in silent, no fumes or noise that you leave behind, this vehicle was born to be efficient, modern, intuitive, and extremely easy to use. The main design of Xkuty was based on the constant search for m...
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MUV-e Scooter : Low Energy, Cost Efficient Green Vehicle for The City

This is the age where world’s city centers are experiencing a rapid population growth that also effects the growth in the number of motorized vehicles on the road. The number of vehicles is the main cause of traffic jam and air pollution, so, in order to answer the challenge to create green and compact vehicle, Amir Zaid has come up with MUV-e scooter. It’s a foldable scooter, an alternative transportation solution from an Israeli company. MUV-e is a low energy, cost efficient vehicle, an id...
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Cykno Electric Bike Is Upholstered With Fine Leather

You wouldn’t know if Cykno is an electric bike if we didn’t tell you. It boasts vintage design and uses fine leathers to hide its lithium battery from plain sight. This bike is the result of collaboration between Bruno Greppi, a great engineer, and Luca Scopel, a designer, to answer the need for eco-friendly mobility. One 4 hours recharge can takes you up to 600km with its 250/500 watt motor. This bike is composed of monocoque frame, radial spokes wheels, and front fork made in carbon fiber ...
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SSIKE Folding Bike Concept by Asen Innovacio

SSIKE folding bike is trying to ditch the assumption that an electric bike is expensive. This concept is an easy to handle single person folding bike with affordable price, thus, making it available for anyone. It works with your own balance, you’ll get similar sensation as if you’re skiing, but you would need practice to manage the direction of the rear wheel since both front wheel drives and rear wheel are directional. The original design of this bike makes it stands out among other ele...
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eCycle Electric Bike Features Lightweight, Flexible, Easy to Build, and Dynamic Frame Design

eCycle electric bike is a conceptual project aims to design modern e-bike that is lightweight, flexible, easy to build with dynamic frame design. Most our e-bikes today are based on traditional bicycle design converted into electric by adding some extra elements and wires. These are the same 100+ year old design converted to electric which later becomes overpriced bike. This concept utilizes Hydroformed aluminum frame for the main structure while the battery pack is placed in stylized “fuel...
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BOLT Electric Bike Concept by Springtime

Bolt electric bike reminds us of futuristic frog ebike, but Bolt features modern style. This electric bike has been designed with careful consideration or the order and proportions of volumes in the product. Since it’s an electric vehicle, there won’t be any fuel tank and combustion engine, it makes this bike design minimalist and visually attractive. Designer : Springtime (more…)...
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Boxx Electric Bike : A Compact Single Seater Vehicle from Boxx Corp

Boxx electric bike definitely doesn’t look like your conventional bike. It features compact and square body design measures 36” long and weight for only 120lbs. You’ll be able to drive this all electric bike up to 35 mph speed with its standard features such as traction control, ABS systems, wheeldrive and oversized LED dot lighting. This single seater bike has the capacity to carry up to 300 lbs, you can order this bike and choose the color your like best. Boxx electric bike has been desi...
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Synapse Electric Bike by Alberto Gomez

Designed with the goal to develop alternative transportation system for Bogota, Colombia, Synapse electric bike looks pretty stylish. Compared to Synapse bike from Sylvain Gerber (yes, they have the same name), this one looks more futuristic since it targets young executives who live in Bogota. The designer says that he wants to design a vehicle that meets these young executives need for modern urban lifestyle. This electric bike is equipped with technology to interact with other services such a...
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Cyomo Electric Bike Can Harvest Its Energy From The Sun

Cyomo electric bike can recharge its energy using solar panel. This bike has been design for our daily commuting. It's an electric bike that has been designed to be able to harness its energy from the sun. When you arrive at the office, just park Cyomo under the sun. Foldout the solar panels to allow the battery to recharge itself while you're at work. The solar panels have been designed to allow you fold it vertically when riding the bike. Designer : Raymond Bessemer (more…)...
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Autovelo Electric Bike Is An Ultimate Short Distance Urban Transportation Alternative

Autovelo electric bike offers a comprehensive short distance electric bike aiming to make it less driving and more riding experience by featuring a comfortable and convenience drivetrain. The design concentrates on automotive seating position by featuring similar seating arrangement of a car through identical back angle, seat height, and foot position. Entry and exit have been simplified through low-stepover frame and riders can put their feet on the ground easily. The front wheel drive is anoth...
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The EBIQ Electric Bike Can Charge Personal Electric Gadgets

The key purpose of the EBIQ Electric Bike concept is to complement the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 unlike traditional cars or motorcycles and offering a battery powered bicycle to ensure convenient short distance commuting in city/metro areas. To make it even more functional, the bike enables the rider to charge their laptop, cellphone and other personal electric gadgets. Moreover, the built-in screen at the steering can provide direct access to the user’s laptop to gain necessar...
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