CUUM Electric Wastebasket : No More Dirt Lines!

Cuum electric wastebasket is a combination of a household electric appliance with a cleaner. This device is certainly helpful when you sweep a floor with broom and a dustpan, since there’s no need to bend down to pickup all those last dust particles. Just about anyone has swept a floor at some point, so we’re […]


Refresh Your Clothes with Stratosphere

The Electrolux last year design competition challenged students to come up with appliance designs of the future and one such interesting design was the Stratosphere. Designed by Budapest based Hungarian student Attila Sáfrány, Stratosphere is a design of a clothes rack. This rack helps in storing the clothes if to be used again and helps […]


Portable Norshire Mini Tire Inflator Produces Pressure as High as 174psi

Introducing, smallest and most portable tire inflator, Norshire Mini. It’s an innovative device designed and developed by engineers and innovators who always want to make a difference. This time, they decided to develop a car accessory with minimalist philosophy. Noreshire Mini is claimed to be world’s smallest tire inflator with […]

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