Nisttarkya Electric Concept Bike by Santhosh

Nisttarkya electric concept bike designed by Santhosh features unique riding position. The aerodynamic riding position was based on bio-inspired design, along with shock absorbers, and headlight, this bike runs on 36v, 350w hub motor. Together with the rechargeable battery, it weighs for 40kg, pretty heavy we must say. The name itself is drawn from Sanskrit that means unimaginable. Although the un...
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Purify Water Tent by Liu Zhuang Provides A Temporary Shelter and Water Purification Device

The lack of water resources is becoming more and more serious particularly in Africa’s dry areas. Purify Water Tent is both temporary shelter as well as water purification device that takes advantage of the sun’s heat to purify water through evaporation and condensation. Fetching water takes a lot of effort and time, also due to the lack water purification system, these people are exposed to d...
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CUUM Electric Wastebasket : No More Dirt Lines!

Cuum electric wastebasket is a combination of a household electric appliance with a cleaner. This device is certainly helpful when you sweep a floor with broom and a dustpan, since there’s no need to bend down to pickup all those last dust particles. Just about anyone has swept a floor at some point, so we're sure that you understand when we say that dustpan leaves annoying dirt lines that take ...
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