Stylish and Compact Peugeot AE21 Hybrid Bike

Peugeot introduces Peugeot AE21 HYbrid bike as your urban transportation at fashion trade show. It offers innovative urban experience through its bold and elegant design, it promises you with original, urban, smart, agile, and compact design in respo...
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August Smart Lock : Smart Door Lock for The Future!

Many of us have experienced losing keys and I guess I don’t have to remind you the stress and panic not to mention the cost of calling a locksmith. There are more than 20% of Americans have been locked out their homes for at least once in the last ...
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Miami Lift Elevates Visitors to Provide Them a New Perspective of The City

Miami Lift project has won Landmark Miami competition 2013 held by DawnTown. The theme focuses on designing an iconic structure where cities would be instantly recognized by it. Miami has been known for its beautiful landmarks, however, as the city c...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts

The Portland Press : A French Press for Mason Jar

You can make your coffee from your Mason jar with Portland Press. It’s an innovative French press concept which is especially designed to be used with a Mason jar. Most French Press coffer makers in the market are still made from plastic and delica...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Food and Drink

GIGS.2.GO USB Sticks : Tear It Off to Share

A pack of GIGS.2.GO USB flash drives which you can tear off to share them. The compact size (a credit card sized pack) makes it easy to carry and share, not to mention it uses low-cost molded paper pulp as its main material, a nice tiny reusable thum...
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The Pirate Ninja Eclipse X20 Folding Bike by Tern

Just like Ninja, Eclipse X20 folding bike is fast and light yet stealthy enough to slip into the subway unnoticed. This bike offers super wide 25 to 107” gear range and ultra fast Kinetix Pro wheels, cruise up and down the road just like a katana. ...
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MZ Revival Motorcycle Features Organic and Fluid Design

MZ Revival Motorcycle was a group project of 5 designers from DSK International School of Design, Pune (India), they teamed up to work on different aspects, from design, modeling, details to prototyping. This motorbike features organic design languag...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Motorcycles

A’ Design Award & Competition 2013 – Last Call for Entries

Hey guys, it’s just a reminder, time is ticking. If you plan to join the competition the submission deadline is on February 28, 2013 so you better hurry. Just in case you haven’t heard about A' Design Award & Competition, it is one of pres...
Posted in » Design Competition

Duo Paper Container by Hrishikesh Kogje

Students, architects, designers, engineers and a plethora of people carry sheets of paper everyday from one place to another. Usually the sheets are bigger than today's laptop size bags. This creates a need for a store-&-carry solution for sheets...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts

Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2013 Is Calling You!

Do you consider yourself a talented designer? Then you should answer the challenge from Red Dot Award: design concept 2013 to design a future product that addresses our needs. This competition is calling on design teams, designers, inventors, student...
Posted in » Design Competition

Polyline Desk Lamp by Dustin Brown

The Polyline Desk Lamp replaces the mechanical and visual complexity of traditional task lights with the versatility of a linear LED strip and a simple, minimal aesthetic. When activated, the linear LED layout produces an area of strong but diffuse l...
Posted in » Interior Design, Lights

Ducati Diavel Strada Features Muscular Body With Delicate Touch

Diavel Strada motorcycle was born out of Ducati designers’ wish-list to design a “basic instincts” bike. Sketches were made which became the foundation of lower and longer motorcycle design, the challenge was to build a muscular motor that feat...
Posted in » Motorcycles

Wolo Holographic Watch by Anurag Sarda

Wolo holographic watch is not a new concept amongst designers, however we haven’t seen a commercially available product about it. The concept design is a bit similar to Vain Watch, but instead of square, it displays round watch face. Simply place y...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

A’Design Award and Competition Call for Submissions!

Every year, there are millions of products launched by companies, designers or innovators with different kinds of purposes, from pure business, personal achievement to attract media attention. A'Design Award and Competition has been born out of the i...
Posted in » Design Competition

Draw Better With Sketch Finger by Andre Cruz Design & Ideias

Sketch drawing is something commonly done by artists, ideas can come in many places and usually designers carry their notes or sketch books to sketch those ideas for future references. Usually these sketches are done using pencil, charcoal, or pen, b...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts

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