Pebble Heater by Hakan Gursu

Pebble heater has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This heating system works based on the heating which is naturally formed by pebbles of various natural colors through electrical resistance, the name itself is already known in technical practice. This unit increases air quality around you by creating proper humidification, a natural heating system that both functional and visually a...
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Table or Chairs?

The Sensei furniture is a set two chairs or one multipurpose table, whether it is a coffee table or a flat TV table. When people arrive and you don’t have enough seats for your guests, Sensei table can be taken apart into completely different furniture, these being a couple of chairs. The lines of the chairs are perfectly constructed so that the backs of the chairs can be perfectly joined tog...
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iPhone Nano Watch Concept by Olivier Demangel

We just got this submission from a French industrial designer saying that wouldn’t it be interesting if Apple could release iPhone in nano version? We could wear iPhone just like a watch, just like the way we wear iPod nano watch. The iPhone Nano Watch concept watch keeps the dimension of iPod Nano with a retina screen, you’ll have all features of an iPhone on your wrists that include a speak...
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Modern and Stylish Hx2 Horse-Drawn Hitch Wagon by Guillaume Diolez

Hx2 Horse-Drawn hitch wagon aims to redesign the old carriage into more modern and safer form. In the old days, horse drawn hitch wagon was widely used by many people in many fields for transportation or as part of farming equipment. In our modern days, we have progressed into automotive industry for transportation and the practice of using horses is considered as archaic mode of transportation, i...
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Silverback Robot : An Ape-Like Robot by Jason Falconer

Silverback robot is a conceptual robot designed by Jason Falconer for Icarus Technology's bid to enter DARPA's Robotics Challenge. The challenge (slated for 2014) will require a robot to drive a vehicle, open doors, climb ladders, and use power tools (among other tasks). While most of the robots entering the challenge will likely be humanoid in design, Icarus Technology felt that an ape-like robot...
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Andromeda Tactical Lighting by Sketchy Design Studio

You can add military touch to your existing décor using Andromeda tactical lighting from Sketchy Design Studio. The company claims that this light is the world’s first military inspired tri-rail lamp that features picatinny rail system so that its legs and arms are fully adjustable to suit your needs. Aside from its arms and legs, you can also adjust the shades to whatever position that you wan...
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Wheelcare : Ergonomically Designed Wheelchair by Che-Yu Lu

WheelCare is an ergonomically designed wheelchair not only for the patients but also for the assistants, both of them are considered users of this wheelchair. WheelCare has been designed to prevent work injury to the assistants by redesigned the handle, seat, hanger, rear pedals and front pedals, make them adjustable and easier to use. Tube-shaped structure allows the users to install extensional ...
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Magic Tray by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Ryan Jongwoo Choi just submitted Magic Tray to Tuvie. We don’t think we need long explanation, you would have guessed what this concept is all about. Carrying bowl of food and glasses of beverage will be easier with this tray concept, even when you are nervous or sloppy person. "This product is a tray set applied with the principle of magnetism. I have checked the mistakes occurred in carrying ...
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BB Little Garden Brings Aromatic Plants In Your Kitchen

BB Little Garden proposes a new cooking experience to its user. This project is based on the idea where cooking is an act of creation, sharing and exchange, it features sensory cooking technology. This system is radiant growing lamp that protects aromatic plants inside your kitchen. A minimalist object with clear lines, sleek and stylish, it adapts to a wide variety of indoor environments and make...
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Enjoy Sitting : Multi Function Seat by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Standing for a long time can make you feel tired, however, even sitting too long can also make you feel the same. Enjoy Sitting is a chair that has been designed to enable people to feel comfortable and relax when sitting on it. The main concept of this project was to offer a freedom of movement by providing a chair that allows its user to sit with different styles: high or low, gather or spread l...
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Z-FIXIE Bicycle by Jeongche Yoon

A sleek bicycle concept with polished Z-shaped frame, called Z-FIXIE bicycle. The top and seat tubes along with bottom bracket and the chain are connected onto the Z-shaped frame. We really love the combination of black and chrome theme color. The bottom tube and the seat stays straightly cross through the seat tube, the z-frame has been designed with simple and urban look while keeping great stab...
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Extension Box Concept by Jins Alex

This is a stylish as well as trendy concept of custom designed Extension Box for areas where a large number of plug points are required. In closed condition it will look like a stainless steel container. When it is opened, it looks like a blossomed flower. Each part of this box has four ports which can be controlled individually. The power transmission is controlled by individual button within eac...
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Burning Cup by Ryan Jongwoo Choi Keeps Your Favorite Hot Drink at Perfect Temperature Without Electricity

Burning Cup is a product which helps prevent a beverage from cooling down due to heat release to outside. The sodium acetate contained in the inside of this cup can keep the heat of beverage. This liquid solution breaks the balance of liquid state by even tiny impact and hardens it solid, and at this time generates heat momentarily. This heat allows the temperature of the beverage in the cup to be...
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Module Armadillo by Volodya Domaretskii

Module Armadillo is designed to provide large buildings like hangar and administrative buildings in a disaster zones. This building itself consists of frame, screw files foundation and lightweight facade panels while the dimensions depend on its frame. They are available in different widths: 9000mm, 12000mm and 15000mm. The Length depends on amount of sections in the frame from 15000mm to 60000mm....
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ES Pipe Waterwheel by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

ES Pipe Waterwheel changes the power of flowing water into energy and to be later utilized as light. This concept waterwheel aims to be used in the area with no electricity, it’s an eco-friendly way to generate energy/electricity in daily life easily. Read the explanation from the designer’s own words on how ES Pipe Waterwheel works: The space where water flows is connected with pipes each...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Green

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