eLink Concept Vehicle by Jorge Biosca Martí

eLink concept vehicle has won Michelin Design Challenge 2013 with its unique concept based on the theme “Half! Lightweight with Passion”. In the future, driving a car will become an expensive lifestyle due to the rising fuel costs, tolls and park...
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Ferrari Flusso Concept : A Supercar That You Design

Ferrari Flusso was a project created for Ferrari World design challenge in 2011 in ISD DSK India. The goal is to design a supercar where each user has the ability to create its own supercar model, one of a kind as one wishes. Buyers can choose to pur...
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Honda CHP Drone Squad : Futuristic Highway Patrol Vehicle for 2025

Honda has envisioned Highway Patrol Vehicle for 2025 with its latest concept Honda CHP Drone Squad as response to LA AUTO Design challenge. It’s a futuristic vehicle system with advanced technology for 2025 to work efficiently and effortlessly thro...
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Vaum Wrist Watch by Steel Drake

Minimalist and sleek, Vaum wrist watch concept has been designed as part of LIV Design Challenge. This concept watch boasts simplicity with minimum lines and simple form, a modern digital display that shows time using analog format. Available in blac...
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Motherspoon : You Can Duplicate Your Mom’s Recipes Easily

There’s nothing like mother’s cooking, right? If you love your mom’s cooking as much as I do, then no matter what and where you eat, you would still think “hey .. my mom’s cooking is better than this.” . Motherspoon is a unique device tha...
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Mercedes-Benz Smart 341 Parkour Wins Los Angeles Design Challenge 2011

Smart 341 Parkour concept features not only futuristic design but also interesting reporter story. Because this year, LA Design Challenge was not just about designing and developing car of the future, but also inventing a story worthy of Hollywood. T...
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Binary Samurai Watch Concept by Scheffer Laszlo

Binary Samurai watch design is inspired by the Ice Samurai watch from Chinavasion. It’s a bracelet styled binary watch where the LEDs on the left indicates the hours/months and the LEDs on the right indicates the minutes/days. You can watch the ani...
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SF View Concept Watch by NL1

SF View concept watch is one of submissions from TokyoFlash design challenge. We think the SF word stands for Sci-Fi, since this watch design was inspired by a spaceship flight deck. This futuristic watch features 3-parts display and an empty space i...
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Rotation City Bike : Rotate and Fold Your Bike !

Designer Yirong Yang has brought forward a truly interesting bicycle design at International Bicycle Design Challenge. 'Rotation' is a city rotating and folding bike concept design which seems to be a combination of unicycle and bicycle. You can make...
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