Sleek and Modern Vivian The Lamp Concept by Juri Karasjov

Talk about modern industrial design, VIVIAN the lamp presents modern and stylish lamp with touch screen controller around its dock station. You can control power and the brightness level (simply slide the lamp scale right or left), the dock station also displays the current time for your convenience. When you tap the power button, the lamp will slowly increase the brightness of the light to the chosen level, so that it won’t hurt your eyes. Even in the dark, you would easily locate the power b...
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Time Stamp Concept Acts As Stamp As Well As Time Telling Device

Time Stamp concept device acts as time as well as stamp where you can print current time, temperature and weather information. There are times when we need to record the time on several documents in our daily life whether it’s for work or study. This small device becomes really handy to meet this requirement, it acts as your personal date and time as well as stamp when you need it to be. Simply press the buttons beneath the screen to select which kind of information you want to be printed. Thi...
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Ziiiro Watch : A Minimalist Watch Without Hands or Markings

This watch is a beautiful art work wrapped around your wrist. Instead of hands of hours and seconds, ZIIIRO watch offers you a swirl pattern of rings to indicate the passing of time. The overall the design is minimalist, there are no additional elements that can distract you from reading the time. There are 2 swirls to show you the current time, the inner swirl represents the current hour, while the outer swirl displays the minutes. There's no doubt this is an elegant, unique, and stylish watch....
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From Concept To Reality : TokyoFlash Kisai Satellite Watch

From concept to reality, TokyoFlash really listens to its customers. Today, TokyoFlash releases limited edition Kisai Satellite watch design 2010 as its second design to become reality. Based on popular concepts on the blog, this watch is available in black and white edition. This watch is easy to read at glance, it separates hours and minutes into different zones. The hours are displayed in the upper zone, while the groups of five minutes are displayed in the lower left zone, the same position ...
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IN Electronic Newspaper Concept with Embedded Alarm Will Wake You Up to An Updated Feed of News

IN is an innovative newspaper concept that is based on a flexible display and comprises Wi-Fi technology for its operational efficiency. The screen is attached with a frame that shows current time and other related information into a LED display. The frame can be fitted in front of your bed with embedded, and the device will wake you up alarm at your desired time with an updated feed of news on its large, crystal clear LCD display. This IN Newspaper design has won Bronze award from IDEA ...
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Show Time Using Ex-Time

The new style about show time,"Ex-time" directly shows the current time as well as second, minute, hour elapsing at different plane. If you touch the change button, it automatically goes into "show date" interface in which day, month, year show as the same style. In the dark, it is cool that you can project the time to anywhere with "Ex-time". (more…)...
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