AC Motorboat Features Sleek, Minimalist, and Modern Design

AC Motorboat is a vehicle of entertainment for both racing enthusiasts and families who want to enjoy a vacation on a luxury boat with a large terrace and several rooms with a sleek, modern design. It reaches high speeds while maintaining a comfort thanks to its quiet electric motor, its large windows allow natural light to enter while you can see the sea through the side windows. The design of...
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Freedom360 Forklift Truck Features Triple Rotation Function

FREEDOM360 forklift truck has been designed with triple rotation function in order to improve work efficiency. Unlike traditional forklifts, FREEDOM360 can rotate its chassis, cab, and front fork horizontally. This feature dramatically improves work efficiency especially for short-distance transportation. Tight space is not an issue for this forklift truck to keep on working because it doesn't req...
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Upgrade Your Kitchen With Electrolux Invico

The future brings new possibilities to mankind but also new challenges. One of the problems we'll have to face is the decreasing space in our lives due to overpopulation, and here we have a clever and nice concept that reduce the space we need in our kitchens. The Electrolux Invico is a compact heating plate that enables you to have a cooker and a worktop in the same place. The heating surfa...
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