Ceramic Stereo Concept Features Invisble Markings and Helps Technology to Become In-Tune with People and Environment

Ceramic Stereo is a concept project that aims to merge physical and digital product to create beautiful interactions with better, improved sensory richness. This project attempts create wireless connectivity and communication more understandable, it’s done by setting intangible actions/functions into tangible actions. This Swedish industrial designer had made detail observations that brought ...
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SSIKE Folding Bike Concept by Asen Innovacio

SSIKE folding bike is trying to ditch the assumption that an electric bike is expensive. This concept is an easy to handle single person folding bike with affordable price, thus, making it available for anyone. It works with your own balance, you’ll get similar sensation as if you’re skiing, but you would need practice to manage the direction of the rear wheel since both front wheel drives and...
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Green Pass Turnstile Generates Energy for Its Own Use

Green Pass turnstile concept turns mechanical energy to electric one. It’s a simple idea actually, putting creative thinking into our simple daily objects. Turnstiles are usually located in various public locations, by utilizing mechanical energy to support its own consumption, the goal is to reach zero pollution and zero discharge product. Turnstile’s wheel and axle spin around the same axis ...
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Green Wheel Revolutionary Rotary Hydroponic System by Libero Rutilo

Green Wheel is actually a conceptual revolutionary rotary hydroponic system developed by NASA in order to provide continuous supply of fresh herbs and salad in spacecraft. It’s pretty effective that this industrial designer wanted to transfer the concept into our daily life and so far it looks pretty promising. This rotary garden could be the first one to become an iconic object in your home for...
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Quantum Tap Helps You Develop Positive Water Use Habit

You can save a lot of money if you use water wisely, however it’s difficult to know how much water you use every day. This concept Quantum tap helps you measure your water consumption in easy way, not by turning a knob of lifting a lever, but rather by pulling up a pump-action handle. You can control your water usage based on the scaled markings on the stem of the handle, it indicates how much w...
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The SHELL Pre-Alternative Fuel Car by Imran Othman

SHELL Pre-Alternative Fuel Car as you can see from its name, it was inspired by a Shell. The main goal of this project is kinda unique. When we desperately try to reduce our gas consumption, this vehicle tries to speed up the process of gasoline consumption. Why? Well, you can read the designer’s explanation below. Designer : Imran Othman (more…)...
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Uno Personal Electric Vehicle by Angel Sanches Vargas

Uno personal electric vehicle is a transportation designed for mega cities, trying to be as compact and lightweight as possible. Due to its small sized boy, it can be parked almost anywhere and features a low energy consumption. This electric and open vehicle allows the driver to use a special helmet where all the information about the car’s system is presented right in front of the driver’s e...
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Lockheed Stratoliner Design Is Inspired By Bar-tailed Godwit

The Lockheed Stratoliner is designed to be the next step in passenger flight, flying higher and further than its predecessors. Lockheed Martin was chosen as the focus of the study not only because of its track history of producing some of the most revolutionary concepts in aviation, but also it inspires other designers in other industries, such as the F22 stealth language being adopted by Lamborgh...
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U-wall Lizard Futuristic Vehicle For Limited Urban Space

The U-wall Lizard is designed by Zhi Min Lin. Automobiles in china increase in proportion to the increase in economy and power consumption. The future concept of U-shaped city streets developed by U-wall Lizard, a 2-D road will be transformed into a 3-D road by utilizing the restricted urban space. Pedestrian sidewalks will boost up the transit efficiency. U-wall lizard provides superior power and...
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Detraform Model 500 Phone Design by Kiwi&Pom

Designed by Kiwi&Pom, Detraform phone offers unusual L shaped design. It’s a cordless DECT phone with subtle interface and a selection of classic colors. Sustainable consumption begins with products that last a lifetime. This cordless phone features a robust, polished polycarbonate and anodized aluminium shell. This phone design not only provides you with the principal telephone functions of...
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Bio-Grow : a Photobioreactor For The Cultivation of Algae

Bio-Grow has been designed to answer our ongoing problems, the rising oil prices and overflowing dumps. These industrial designers are trying to solve the “green” ia photobioreactor for the cultivation of algaessues by utilizing recycled electronic materials. They have come up with a photobioreactor for the cultivation of algae, to be later manufactured into bio-diesel. The team utilizes refur...
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FOOW Eco Rider by Pietro Russomanno

With a zeal to develop an incredible society of the future, sustainable mobility has become a crucial topic tackled these days. Issues pertained to energy and space economy invariably collide with the demand for lithe mobility. Even if novel services including car sharing as well as car pulling are clever enough and sustainable, they actually do not resolve the primary problem of singular per...
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Bolder Sky Rocket by Vladimir Abramov

BOLDER sky rocket is a project initiated with an intention to create a short animation that addresses individuals’ attitude on topics including ecological life style, consumption and nature preserving and sustainable choices. Images of BOLDER sky rocket emphasizes forthcoming animation. Bolder Helsinki Ltd attempts to create at least 3 new projects a year that are meant solely for social causes....
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Ark Angel LSV Is Faster and Greener Than Any Megayacht in Its Class

Ark Angel LSV (Life Support Vessel) by Sauter Carbon Offset Design is claimed to be faster and greener than any megayacht in its class. It maximizes ecology, energy, and efficiency in fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Featuring Daimler EPA “on road” turbo compound engines, this solar hybrid Ark angel LSV offers the cleanest marine propulsion system in the world. To give you some clues, at 28...
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Boxcooler – Backpack fridge with traveller dishes

The combination of journey, food consumption, and transportation can be very painful. Boxcooler is a backpack fridge with picnic dishes, revalues the cooler and raises it to a modern standard. There are two ways to carry Boxcooler. On one side it can conveniently be carried on the back, so the user?s hands are relieved. On the other side, the cover hinge (which is hollow inside and has access from...
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