Wish Folding Stretcher Only Needs One Person to Carry

After a disaster strikes, the most important mission is to rescue victims. However, when the disaster happens in difficult terrain or challenging weather conditions, it can be really difficult for rescue team to carry the victims to a safe place. Wish Folding Stretcher has been designed to enable a rescuer to easily carry and push out of a disaster area, yes, this stretcher can be carried and push...
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Magnetic Resonance Helmet Features 500 Sensors for Better Spatial Resolution and Built-In Entertainment Function For The Patient

Magnetic Resonance Helmet utilizes 500 individual MRI sensors that work as a phased array to provide details levels of imaging in spatial and temporal terms. Our conventional method of observing brain is to use fMRI, it’s non-invasive however it has demonstrated a lack of spatial resolution and temporal resolution. That’s why patients have been subjected to very long scanning times, this issue...
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Whaletale Suitcase Provides a Clean Space On The Floor for Your Children to Crawl and Play

Whaletale suitcase offers unique solution for parents when they are in an over crowded airport with children. Parents need to keep their children entertained while waiting for their flight, letting kids play on the floor is not an option as we know airport carpeting or floor is not hygienic. Whaletale suitcase comes with a detachable mat that folds out and become a hygienic space where your childr...
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Shelter byGG : A Sculptural Object and A Living Space in Public Place

“Shelter byGG” project is a living space and a sculptural object that can be placed in public space. Pretty cool idea actually, the idea was based on the author’s working theme which is transforming sculptural objects into design objects, turning them into products that can be used every day. Gabriela Gomes, the person behind this project, proposes the concept of an habitable module, she inv...
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BlueSkyBike : Folding Electric Bike by Richard Heath

BlueSkyBike is the result of the collaboration between Richard Heat, an industrial designer, and Blue Sky Design. It’s an electric folding bike concept that aims style conscious urban commuters, it was also inspired by the designer’s own experience from commuting in sydney’s western suburbs to the city every day via train. There are 3 primary objectives for this bike design: practicality, st...
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Washit : A Shower Cabinet and Small Washing Machine In One

Combining a shower cabinet and small washing machine is the main concept of Washit. This project aims to save more water by utilizing the same water that you use for taking a shower to wash your clothes at the same time. Washit concept brings lots of benefits both in domestic life or public facilities such as airports and fitness centers. Save more money on your water bill, this product will defin...
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SOS Stick Trekking Pole by Kim Jieon

Just in case a hiker encounters an accident or needs a help, this concept trekking pole called SOS Stick becomes really helpful. It contains a flare and a trigger which hiker can use to inform rescuers of his or her location, especially when this hiker is in mountainous terrain. This tool uses both audio and visual signals to enable the rescue team to locate the victim faster. A trigger is located...
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Convenient Cotton : A Cotton Bud and Liquid Disinfectant In One

Usually we use a cotton bud and liquid disinfectant to sterilize a wound, this concept Convenient Cotton combines disinfectant and cotton bud in one. The idea based on the problem where we have to carry disinfectant bottles and cotton buds on the other hand to perform first aid, this can be too cumbersome. Another issue related to liquid disinfectant use is that it can be difficult to control the ...
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Round-The-Clock Bracelet Wristwatch by Ben Koros

Nicely done Ben Koros! Checkout this cool Round-The-Clock watch concept, it will certainly look good on your wrist. Stylish, elegant and fashionable item that informs you about time of day, it brings your personality into a black-tie milieu. It is constructed from bendable chords that rotate around your wrist to form a 3-clock-faces with numbers printed on. The inner rubber ring makes it comfortab...
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Posten Pod : Urban Mail Delivery Vehicle for Sweden

Posten Pod concept aims to overcame the typical problems when delivery of the mail is done using a typical transportation of the post office. This urban mail delivery vehicle design focuses on user centered design practices and everyday life activities. After in-depth research of using conventional transportation to deliver mails, S. Dogan Sekercioglu, the designer, realized that there are many fl...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Electric Minibus by EntaStudio

EntaStudio has come up with new concept electric minibus that will go all the way on your journey. The two founders of EntaStudio, Oktay Türkoglu and Ramazan Kaya, have interesting explanation about their latest concept of future vehicle design. As we know, currently there are quite great demands for electric vehicles for better environment, this including in these designers country, Turkey. Supp...
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Seating System With Book Shelf by Anoop Joseph

There is a rising demand for multi functional furniture, therefore, this modular seating system with book shelf offers you another alternative. We can open the book shelf whenever we need with the help of hinge and also we can use it as seating system. The spherical wheel at the bottom will help to open it easily. Nice concept isn’t it? Designer : Anoop Joseph (more…)...
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Magic Tray by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Ryan Jongwoo Choi just submitted Magic Tray to Tuvie. We don’t think we need long explanation, you would have guessed what this concept is all about. Carrying bowl of food and glasses of beverage will be easier with this tray concept, even when you are nervous or sloppy person. "This product is a tray set applied with the principle of magnetism. I have checked the mistakes occurred in carrying ...
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AmoebaBAND : Band Aid Concept With Adjustable Shape for Different Areas of Your Hand

AmoebaBAND was inspired by amoeba, a shapeless unicellular organism which is able to adjust its shape to its environment. Based on this concept, these industrial designers have come up with improved band-aid concept design, so that the same band-aid can be used in different areas after tearing into shape. Hands are our body parts where band-aid is most frequently used. Innovative AmoeBAND uses ...
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Nokia Easy Mobile Phone for Elderly People

Nokia Easy could be the perfect concept mobile phone for elderly people. The intuitive interface design with large numbers enables them to easily type numbers to call or read text messages. Although it aims elderly people as user, it doesn’t mean this mobile phone features conventional form. It boasts stylish, sleek and modern design, even young people would love to own one. Designer : Bez Di...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts

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