Mini Superleggera Vision Electric Roadster Where Classic Italian Style Meets Modern Britishness

Mini Superleggera Vision is the latest concept from BMW Group to celebrate the meeting of time-honored and the contemporary at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2014. It’s the result of amazing team work from MINI and Touring Superleggera, a gorgeous two-seater classic roadster that represents minimalist and emotional style of motoring. The electric drivetrain gives this concept car moder...
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Futuristic Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous Concept Car Is Too Good To Be True

If Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous concept car was going to be a standard for our future vehicle, then I would love to time travel into the future. From the outside, it looks just like any other car, but the inside that counts, it is filled with futuristic technology to make our driving experience as comfortable as possible. All major auto manufacturers are designing and developing autonomous driving ...
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Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept Car Features Off-Road Look

I love Volkswagen’s car, especially Beetle, both coupe and convertible. Recently Volkswagen has given the public a chance to see its latest Beetle Dune concept car, an awesome beetle with off-road look. It can be the sportiest Beetle ever, but unfortunately there’s no further explanation whether this concept will get into production or not. Painted in Arizona, the yellow-orange metallic with o...
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2014 Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Concept Car by Alan Guerzoni

2014 Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Concept Car is a design study by Alan Guerzoni to visualize the future of Bugatti cars if it had been stayed in Italy. You can read his explanation below. Bugatti Veyron in an amazing supercar and technically could one of best of in the World, but in my opinion there’s a lack of passion. My question is: what if, 15 years ago, just after the EB110, Bugatti Automobili...
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Mercedes SL GTR Concept Car by Mark Hostler

The Mercedes SL GTR is a concept study of a Mercedes Benz homologation special for the 21st century. Designed by Mark Hostler, this concept car aims to offer rider with purest expression of road car driving feel and performance. The design incorporates race car chassis technology, race suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, racing tires and a Nismo designed 5.5 liter v8 race engine from Nissan GTR GT1...
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Armadillo-T Foldable Micro Electric Car by KAIST

KAIST has designed Armadillo-T, a compact foldable micro electric car that makes parking easier at busy hours. It folds in half when parked, making this car an ideal alternative for public or private transportation in an urban environment. Being stuck on traffic with your car releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide are familiar scenes for city dwellers, the team at Korea Advanced Institute of Sc...
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Rally King Concept Car by Tony Chen

Audi Rally King is a concept study by Tony Chen to visualize what if Audi became the next Dakar Rally champion. This automotive designer has come up with awesome Q3 sized vehicle with e-tron technology and Quattro 4 wheel drive. Rally King will make Audi’s Q-Line of SUVs become fully capable of any terrain, the driver would ride this vehicle to dare difficult and challenging terrains with confid...
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GTi Surfboard Concept by Peugeot Design Lab

GTi Surfboard Concept by Peugeot Design Lab was revealed during Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was inspired and based on Peugeot latest car the new 208 GTi, RCZ R, and Onyx concept car. It is hoped that you can enjoy the same thrill from driving those latest performance cars. The surfboard features traditional wood of classic surfboards combined with latest carbon fiber technology just like the on...
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2-Seater Mobility Hybrid Concept Car with Spacious Cabin

This project is called Mobility Hybrid Concept Car, a 2-seater compact hybrid vehicle with spacious cabin where you can keep 2 collapsible pedelecs or pedal electric bikes under the boot. The batteries of these bikes can be charged in the car or a socket outlet, the bike and the car feature common design lines that reflect they are hybrids. The main goal by integrating pedelecs in the car is to...
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GIUSEPPE : The Next-Generation F1 Machine Concept For 2025

We just got design submission from Jaemin Park, GIUSEPPE concept racing car is the next-generation F1 machine for 2025. You can read the designer explanation about this concept car here: This is the next-generation F1 machine design for the 2025 Mercedes AMG Petronas team. F1 racing is a sport in which the driver runs the car very fast up to 300 km/hour, I thought that machine’s stable posture ...
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Porsche 822 Compact by Emeric Baubant

This new Porsche 822 Compact is designed by Emeric Baubant from the Porsche Design Studio in Austria. The young student designer presents now the result of four months work. This compact car, rear engine, four real seats, flat 4 engine, biturbo is designed to be a close rival to the BMW 1M Series or Audi RS3, This work follows the car design process in order to conceive a credible new Porsche conc...
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Laminar 3 Concept Car by Daniel Fitzgerald

The Laminar 3 is the third iteration of a concept car that features adjustable aerodynamics to best suit the driving conditions. Providing better down-force when cornering, and better aerodynamic efficiency for freeway driving. Following feedback regarding the lack of a rear aerodynamic profile with Laminar 2 this new concept aims to address this through the incorporation of adjustable tapering re...
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Pininfarina Sergio Features Virtual Windscreen and Gull-Wing Doors

Pininfarina Sergio sports car is named after the man who was responsible for Ferrari for 40 years and conceived the iconic Ferrari classics. This amazing concept car has been designed and created in order to celebrate the great life of Sergio Pininfarina, a two-seater barchetta, futuristic, sporty, compact, yet pure and sensual. This is the real open air car inspired by 1965 dino berlinetta specia...
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R1 Concept Car for 2030 by Nicholas Evans

R1 concept car for 2030 uses hydrogen fuel cell technology to produce zero emission vehicle, yep, an engine that burns pure hydrogen produces zero pollution. As you can see here, this future car features F1 box shaped body design, it’s definitely not conventional design that you’ve seen before. Instead of wheels, R1 users spheres for unparalleled control and turning, parking shouldn’t be an ...
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Dolphin Concept Car by Liu Shun, Gao Zhiqiang, and Chen Zhilei

Dolphin concept car is the third winner of Michelin design challenge 2013, it reflects the principle of sporty, scientific and futuristic. This car looks great as a sportscar yet it can accommodate members of a family. The body structure is constructed from full transparent glass and carbon fiber, light weight design to ensure security as well as reduce the energy consumption. The main theme of th...
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