Kuote Optical Recognition and Wireless Network Technology

If you happen to read something interesting in books, magazines, or newspapers, it would be difficult to share, unless you own Kuote. This little gadget provides optical recognition and wireless network technology to provide you the advantages of digital media from the inconvenience of printed material. It was inspired by the idea of combining physical […]


Studio Streamer Concept

Studio Streamer is a conceptual 60m2 studio that can transform itself to a hi-tech scene, for streaming videos in holographic form. The Studio Streamer can be used for example as a sound recording studio, where it’s user can create music and video tracks and than perform them in front of random audience. It can be […]


City Skyline Lamp Casts Cool Shadow of an Iconic City

City Skyline Lamp casts cool shadow of the city thanks to its sophisticated lighting design. You can switch on this LED light and it’ll bring many great memories you had in that beautiful city. That dramatic layered shadow cast on the wall celebrates […]

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