Gyro Two Wheeled Gyroscopically Stabilized Electric Vehicle by Carlos Pilonieta

Gyro has been designed as two wheeled gyroscopically stabilized electric vehicle. User can drive this futuristic vehicle electronically by allowing necessary movement from its high-tech cockpit. GPS, Bluetooth, internet, everything can be operated fr...
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Cygo Electric Car Concept With Built-In 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Cygo is an electric car concept that offers passengers the ability to take their bikes wherever they want, without having to install a bike rack. Yes, most often than not, this bike rack doesn’t fit the design of the car. The idea was to design a v...
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City Bike Rack Design for New York City

People usually advise to always lock your bicycle in a safe area and to an unbreakable and immovable object. But now with the introduction of City Rack, you can be tension free once you lock your bicycle with this rack. There is a rounded lock attach...
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Bike Racks Design by Adeline Thong

With rising gas pricing, people are downsizing their cars and vehicles. Bike racks are becoming more and more popular and necessary. Check out this new unique and gorgeous design bike rack. It is quite different from usual bike racks. It allows maxim...
Posted in » Bike, Designs and Concepts, Outdoors

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