SNO : Snow Bike Concept by Venn Industrial Design Consultancy

SNO is a design submission from Venn Industrial Design Consultancy, it’s a specially designed road bike snow. You can read their explanation below. We had that fantastic opportunity to work with one of the ‘fanciest’ national bicycle brands and thanks to that, we have learned just a little about wheels. Learning is something and practicing it another, so we decided to came up with a humble ...
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Ducati Diavel Dark : Badass Motorcycle for Batman

Ducati Diavel Dark Motorcycle looks like the perfect vehicle for Batman. It looks slimmer than previous model Ducati Diavel Strada with total black and sophisticated design. A little history about Diavel project, it was born when Ducati designers tried to apply their wish list where bike design should go back to its basic instincts. They sketched different shapes which in the end became a lower an...
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Folding Bike Concept by Kilo Estudio

Folding bike design evolves every single day in order to provide us with best transportation, easier and more efficient in big cities. This concept folding bike is built over an aluminum chassis that folds in the middle. The transmission is integrated in the structure and needs no chain, this way the maintenance is easier. When it folds, the high of the handle is perfect to let the user to pick it...
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BlueSkyBike : Folding Electric Bike by Richard Heath

BlueSkyBike is the result of the collaboration between Richard Heat, an industrial designer, and Blue Sky Design. It’s an electric folding bike concept that aims style conscious urban commuters, it was also inspired by the designer’s own experience from commuting in sydney’s western suburbs to the city every day via train. There are 3 primary objectives for this bike design: practicality, st...
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BOLT Electric Bike Concept by Springtime

Bolt electric bike reminds us of futuristic frog ebike, but Bolt features modern style. This electric bike has been designed with careful consideration or the order and proportions of volumes in the product. Since it’s an electric vehicle, there won’t be any fuel tank and combustion engine, it makes this bike design minimalist and visually attractive. Designer : Springtime (more...
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WinCycle001 Futuristic Bike by Younes Jmoula

Obviously Wincycle001 bike design was inspired by Tron Legacy movie, it was created as part of a challenge in facebook with his collagues that work in the same field. The project goal was to create an innovative futuristic bike. Cool light and effects were things that captivated this designer in the first place to design Tron style bike. The result is awesome futuristic bike, especially if the rid...
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Flow E-Bike and Stromer Bike Manufactured by Fairly Bike Won Design and Innovative Awards from Taipei Cycle Show 2012

Fairly Bike, bike manufacturer, just won two prestigious design and innovative awards from Taipei Cycle Show 2012 for their works on manufacturing Flow E-Bike and +Stromer- (USA version). Flow E-Bike features innovative electric bike design that integrates its battery into the seat post and it’s removable! Yes, it means you can take with you the seat post as well as the battery, no thief would b...
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Trolley-Bike Design by Fang-Chun Tsai

Shopping effortlessly, that’s what the designer of Trolley-Bike said to us. It takes only 3 steps to convert from a traditional trolley to a bike, so instead of pushing and walking the shopping trolley in the supermarket, you can now ride it. What do you think guys? Would it be easier to use this Trolley-Bike instead of a normal trolley when you are shopping? Designer : Fang-Chun Tsai ...
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Gladiator Bike by Jaewan Jeong

Gladiator Bike, just like its name, this awesome bike design is inspired by Gladiators at the Colosseum. This futuristic flying racing bike would be his vision for our future world where we start accepting the idea of violent sports, a match that is more like a war where each contestant attacks each other in order to win. Gladiator bike design exposes all its mechanical elements, as you can see...
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Dyke Electric Powered Bike by Imran Othman

Dyke electric powered bike design was inspired by Dyson Air Multiplier. This bike works on that principle. The air flows through the bronze hollow cylinder creating an air entrainment where is pulled to amplify to 1,000,000 times to force the bike toward stability and speed. Designer : Imran Othman (more…)...
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BMW Ghost Sports Bike Design Inspiration Came From A Snowy Owl

BMW Ghost sports bike is a concept design study of what our next generation motorcycle should look like. If you are BMW aficionado, you probably realize the resemblance between this design and BMW concept 6, because Ghost is actually inspired by the concept 6. This bike uses the long forgotten six-cylinder engine with totally new and different design approach. Brand-new 1600cc engine that's four i...
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Synapse Bike by Sylvain Gerber

Synapse bike design was based on 2 ideas: a complex organic structure such as synapses medical images and the infamous hubless wheel that we already can see on certain bikes. The organic side is translated into the synaptic form of the bicycle frame with good mechanical design to relate to its structure. Synapse features hubless wheel on both wheels and also on the pedal part. There are built-in s...
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RB-1200 S Performance Sports Bike Was Inspired By Audi

Gavin Harvey was inspired by Audi when he designed this stylish and sporty RB-1200 S Performance Motorcycle. This bike has been designed with R8 Audi lights to link this design to the car, giving an aggressive look to the front of this conceptual bike. The front brake, colored in Audi red, has the Audi logo engraved in to the metal. The rear of the bike will have a twin exhaust, located under the ...
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Bike Design by Marina Gatellli

The Zaha Hadid's works with bold shapes, a minimum of structural elements, fragmentation, and fluid lines, has inspired this bike's design. The designer chooses to use carbon and Kevlar as the materials to reduce the impact of rigidity, provide greater strength and lightweight. This bike aims at young people who love innovations and appreciate performance as well as aesthetic value. Designer : ...
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Twin Trike Enables Two People To Ride At The Same Time

The twin trike is an innovative tricycle concept that has been designed to ride two adults at a time with style and functionality. All the controls of the tricycle are operated by the front rider and it features two transmissions, the last tick and the rear axle. The rear rider can help by pedaling only and due to the higher seating arrangement he can watch ahead the road and warn the front rider ...
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