BN 90 Motor Yacht by Bottega Nautica

BN 90 motor yacht, just like its name suggests, it’s a 90’ yacht with open and aggressive characteristics. Let’s read the designer explanation below. A displacing yacht merged with open’s characteristics. As a sailing yacht, smooth and aggressive hull with particular care on sustainability and ecology. The displacing hull, is intended as a pure geometry, and so without visible holes. Portholes are retractable, allowing the surfaces continuity, providing anyway a natural light inside. ...
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Hand Tree : Wearable Air Purifier to Filter Your Own Clean Air

Hand Tree is one of gadget series of Tree concept, it’s a proposed solution to deal with our polluted air. This gadget is your personal air purifier that you can literally carry anywhere with you by wearing it on your wrist. The rapid growth and development of cities cause the same level of rapid pollution in our planet, some people have difficulty breathing because of that. This designer sees the necessary action to develop a personal device which is light and compact to clean the air around ...
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Xavier Portable X-Ray to Provide Better Medical Care for Survivors in Disaster Area

Xavier portable x-ray has been designed for medical team to perform better medical care for survivors in disaster area. It’s nothing new that providing medical care in disaster area has always been a problem, especially when the victim requires a CT scan. Regular x-ray machine is pretty huge and hard to transfer, even small-sized machine still has too many parts and need professional to operate. This concept x-ray machine is compact and highly portable, perfect to be used in disaster area by d...
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