Gorgeous Axor Starck Organic Bathroom Faucet by Philippe Starck

Axor Starck Organic bathroom faucet features soft and elegant shape, it’s one of the collection that will charm you. The organic minimalist design boasts beautiful energy and sensuality, this is reflected through the entire collection. This faucet offers you highly sensual water experience, Philippe Starck has designed this bathroom fixture as powerful object which has […]


GRAFF’s Stealth Bathroom Faucet Was Inspired By An Aircraft

This GRAFF’s “Stealth” bathroom faucet was inspired by Northrop Grumman’s B-2 Stealth bomber. Can you see the resemblance? Well, it’s not everyday you will see bathroom fittings inspired by stealth aircraft. GRAFF itself is a cutting-edge manufacturer in modern faucet design. This ultra modern faucet is capable of 1.5-2.2 gallon/per minute water-saving flow rates and […]


Solarpuff : Sustainable Home Lighting Inspired by Origami

Solight Design has created Solarpuff, beautiful solar-powered inflatable cube. It is a beautifully architected sustainable home lighting for environmentally friendly conscious consumers. Alice Min Soo Chun, the inventor of Solarpuff, wanted to solve an important issue, there are more than a billion people around the world that still don’t have good access to reliable and proper lighting. Combining her knowledge, and her love for origami […]

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