Flexible X-Cav Street Sweeper for Big Cities

X-Cav Street Sweeper concept tries to eliminate the assumption that street sweeping process is dirty and should be condemned from visible public space. This belief should be reversed since the cleaning job needs to be respected to raise public awareness about litter and cleanliness. This device features stylish and minimalist design with effective and intelligent […]


Honda Rogue: Sleek, Attractive, Segway Based Vehicle That Reveals The Future Urban Design Ideas

A clean, Eco-friendly, simple way to go around in a very busy traffic. The Honda Rogue is a vehicle concept based on the Segway, and more specifically, the P.U.M.A. concept developed by GM. This initial concept by GM transferred the functionality of the Segway and integrated it into a bare-bones, two wheel road vehicle. The […]


Edison Rustic Lamp Design Demonstrates The Elegance of 19th Century

Gorgeous Edison rustic lamp design that would light up your desk in style. If you’re into industrial style décor or steampunk light, this would be the perfect lamp for you. Handmade in USA, the pipe used is made from real steel, there are five socket variations you can choose and three wood base finishes. Each set comes with […]

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