Concept Aero Truck : American Long Haul Truck for 2030 by Josh Shercliff

This design began with the idea to instead look at the American truck from an aerodynamic perspective, in a bid to increase fuel efficiency over long journeys at high speed. The sleek design and wide arches allow for a more weighted grip to the road at high speed, along with giving other road users the […]


U-Haul Emergency Response Conversion Kit for The American Red Cross

U-Haul Emergency Response Conversion Kit has been specifically designed for the American Red Cross to quickly convert an ordinary rental truck into a temporary emergency response vehicle. In a major disaster, thousands of response vehicles are needed in a short period of time, however it usually takes over a week for these Emergency Resnpose Vehicles […]


Segway Dirt eBike with Superior Off-Road Performance

An eco-friendly electric dirt bike with superior off-road performance, this what Segway Dirt eBike promises you. This bike has been designed and built to perform just like other dirt bikes and even better, it is lightweight, compact, low maintenance, and easy to master. Segway wants to make it possible for more people to enjoy exciting […]

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