Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair by Andrew Mitchell

Disabled people can enjoy touring bicycle racing with Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair. This wheelchair design features the same principles of performance and sturdiness which are used in designing touring bicycles. The main objectives when designing this wheelchair were to provide comfort and optimal performance for its user, it has to be more than just an […]


Fluidi Urban Vehicle Design To Avoid Traffic Jams

These days, the urban outdoor vehicle becomes a recurrent issue primarily when it comes to urban planning. In order to cope up with this situation, an excellent urban cab concept grounded on a scooter model has been designed. With its miniature concept, Fluidi can be on the move at all time. Its small size allows […]


Portable Norshire Mini Tire Inflator Produces Pressure as High as 174psi

Introducing, smallest and most portable tire inflator, Norshire Mini. It’s an innovative device designed and developed by engineers and innovators who always want to make a difference. This time, they decided to develop a car accessory with minimalist philosophy. Noreshire Mini is claimed to be world’s smallest tire inflator with […]

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