O-Distanced Cooker Hood Provides Healthier and Safer Kitchen Environment

When you cook, you produce airborne grease, smokes, odors and heat in the kitchen, that’s why a range hood is an important device to keep your kitchen clean and smoke-free. O-distanced cooker hood is an arc-shaped range hood that surrounds your cooking pan instead of hanging above the stove. The idea of this design is […]


One Person Future Transportation Cassette Vehicle

The cassette vehicle concept is a compact, lightweight and simple futuristic transportation solution that can quickly and efficiently transport a person to his or her destination. The concept is consisting of two parts, the electric vehicle itself and the monorail like carrier, which is actually acting as a hub of the vehicles. While, these carriers […]


Wearbuds: Charge Your Wireless Earbuds Right on Your Wrist

All wireless earbuds are actually not truly wireless since you still have to carry a charging case, right? Aipower wants to eliminate that charging case by releasing Wearbuds, a true wireless earbuds housed in a fitness band. This smart device offers ultimate convenience with astonishing sound, it’s specially designed for ultra portability that includes fitness tracker features. Thanks to its patented design, Wearbuds allows […]

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