Aiguille : Short Track Speed Skater Headgear That Provides Optimum Comfort for Skaters

Short track speed skating is a high-speed sport – reaching up to speeds over 40 miles per hour. Many of the accidents occur during competitions. The athletes are exposed to serious head injuries when they hit their head against the ice or the soft pads in the ice rink. Due to numerous races throughout each year, the helmet is exposed to multiple impacts. Aiguille is a high performance headgea...
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Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack is a beautifully designed bathroom rack that you can use as a towel rack, a hari dryer, a sterilizer and a bathroom ventilator. We know that bathrooms usually have high humidity level that can cause moulds to grow. This rack helps in controlling humidity level by blowing air through its perforations to keep bathroom to have good air circulation. Not only it can be used to ventilate the...
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Twilight Is Your New Futuristic Cooler And Air Circulator

I would love to have Twilight for better air circulation and showing off in my house! Take a look at this futuristic home appliance and you'll feel the same way. The main idea of Twilight is to establish better functions and better interaction among users, environment, and appliances. You can feel a light breeze to chill, mixed up with your favorite fragrances, home sweet home. An OLED display all...
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Flux Provides Compact and Lightweight Personal Transportation Alternative

The flux is a small, electric vehicle concept that has been designed to address the current vehicle related problems like storage space requirement, alternate power efficiency, weather resistance, and many more. The main focus of the vehicle is to provide unique ergonomics and maximum usability by featuring a more relaxed seating arrangement that helps the rider in pedaling by freeing up the legs,...
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