X-Mini Max Capsule Speaker System Hands-On Review

Alright, after reviewing X-Mini Uno, this time, we get our hands on X-Mini Max. We have to thank XMI team who was kind enough to send us its latest products to test. Just in case you haven’t heard about this portable speaker, we wrote reviews about them before X-Mini 2nd generation, X-Mini Max II, and X-Mini Uno. If X-Mini Uno is just one capsule speaker, X-Mini Max is a pair of mini capsule speakers where the size of each unit is smaller than Uno. Equipped with ceramic drivers, these speak...
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Tricycle House and Tricycle Garden Could Be The Future of Single Family Home in China

A temporary house might be the answer for those who can’t afford their own land, this is a fundamental condition in China. Tricycle House and Tricycle Garden has brought interesting concept for the future where people and the temporary land their occupy can develop temporary relationship. This project aims to create affordable single family home as well as sustainable. The material used is plastic which can be folded as a construction method, using a CNC router, each piece of this temporary...
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Accordion Cabinet by Elisa Strozyk

Accordion cabinet is part of “accordion collection” from Elisa Strozyk, a designer and Sebastian Need, an artist. Just like its name suggests, this design was inspired by accordion, a box-shaped musical instrument that you have to make compress and expand movement to play. This furniture definitely represents the unique surface of the musical instrument, the combination of wood and textile in accordion-like folded surface provides new experience of the wood material. Utilizing this wooden te...
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Accordion Tent : Emergency Shelter For Natural Disaster Victims

Based on its name, we believe you’re probably can guess how Accordion Tent is used. The design was inspired by the musical instrument which takes up so little space when fully compressed, but it becomes large when you expand it. Therefore, this compact and smart Accordion Tent design is very efficient to be transported for fast accommodation after natural disasters. As you know, after natural disaster there are many people become homeless, it’s very crucial to provide sturdy temporary shelte...
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Framed by Vrouyr Joubanian

With Television being our favorite everyday pass-time, we tend not to miss out any news channel that highlights important happenings over the globe. However, because of the denationalization of the media plus its corruption, the news are suppressing and altering things to make it sound graver than how it really is. This forms a psychological warfare amid viewers and their TV screens, with politicians acting as the catalysts. In order to test the real hypothesis, the designer came up with a new p...
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