iTôk : iPhone Accessory For Speech Therapists to Introduce Letters and Sounds to Children with Speech Disorders

Based on technology developed by TalkTools, Yanin Alexa Kramsky, an industrial designer, creates iTôk. It is an iPhone accessory to help speech therapists introduce letters and sounds to children with speech disorders. iTôk design focuses on 3 main goals: reduce material waste, provide data for insurance companies to cover the costs of therapy sessions, and […]


Omnifer iPad Accessory for Visually Impaired People

Right now, iPad could be one of the best mobile devices in this planet, however, the design itself is not perfect for visually impaired people. Omnifer iPad accessory aims to make iPad more accessible to these people; it helps them more accessible to internet on-the-go. The design will still keep the iPad thin and light, […]


Dango Tactical EDC Wallet for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Dango Tactical EDC Wallet is a gorgeous wallet that holds up to 12 cards (both business or credit cards). It’s crafted from genuine top grain leather then secured to Dango wallet chassis with mil-spec bolts. This wallet has been designed specially for outdoor enthusiasts that love keeping things clean and organized. There are more than 14 built-in function within this wallet, including RFID that blocks outsiders to try to steal your information. […]

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