Stunning Vertical Park Design for Mexico City

Vertical Park is a stunning concept skyscraper that has been designed to overcome the impressive pressure of thickening smog and population on the fast expanding metropolis of Mexico City. While the city is having lack of green spaces, this modular skyscraper is envisioned as a series of solar powered stacking units containing green gardens and additional space for living and working. Each module of this concept can be customized to provide space for private and public use, solar and water collection and urban farming. The solar panels will be attached with the steel frames of the building to generate the required power to run various functions of the building and will allow wind to pass through the structure on warm days.

vertical park for mexico city

vertical park for mexico city

vertical park for mexico city

vertical park for mexico city

Designer : Jorge Hernandez de la Garza via Inhabitat

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V says: November 15, 2009

Cool… if i ever own a city i'll hire you ;)

Logan says: December 18, 2010

That grass would be a real pain to have to mow.

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