sQuba – Underwater Car Concept from Rinspeed

Rinspeed, swiss design company once again unveiled its eccentric concepts : sQuba, an underwater car. They unveiled its project today and will display it at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. The concept of sQuba is an amphibious car, you can drive it on the road or underwater, it can be submerged up to 10 meters below the surface, according to Rinspeed.

Made from carbon body and an electric motor, sQuba will only remain a one-off, and there are no plans for production, yet.

sQuba underwater car concept

future underwater car

sQuba future underwater car

sQuba underwater car concept

From : RinSpeed

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stephen russell says: April 26, 2009

Markets for sQuba:

Hawaii, Caribbean, Australia, So China,

PI, & PR via:

007, Sci Fic Channel, Travel Channel, Speed TV, Wealth TV, Fine Living TV, Edmonds.com,


& Id love to Rent one.

Be neat to don scuba mask & drive car into sea, then ride up on beach like Bond did in

Spy Who Loved Me, Wet Nellie Lotus, (then 1977).

Or what KITT did in TV episode, 2008 season for Knight Rider NBC TV.

Produce this some, esp for coastal areas alone.

Too Cold for lake use

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