Solar Powered Wind Turbine With A New Set Of Spinning Solar Blades

Scientists from the University of Liverpool have upgraded an everyday wind turbine with innovative set of spinning solar blades. The entire team, led by Dr. Joe King, unveiled an innovative solution to perplex critics who state wind turbines are useful only while the wind is blowing. Well, their design even doubles the functionality of conventional turbines by integrating photovoltaic technology. The team however faced some problems. There was a real anxiety that the turbines could blind aircraft pilots and anyone living in the vicinity. Besides this, on hot days, the turbines would create lethal solar rays, which could set buildings on fire if concentrated. In order to cope up with such issues, scientists invented a tinted solar panel that does not mirror sunbeams. The team is now resolving on where to install their model solar wind turbine. “We are confident that we could transform the world’s vital renewable energy needs”, said Dr. King.

Designer : Scientists from the University of Liverpool via [Inhabitat]

Solar Powered Wind Turbine

Solar Powered Wind Turbine

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designitnow says: April 21, 2011

Why not just have the solar panels on the ground under the wind turbines where they work most effectively?
There is plenty of space there…. think people think

Possibly have something on the ground that generates more wind by collecting heat from the solar rays to heat air and therefore generate more wind for turbines……could be easier ways to make this stuff work well ;)

    asdf says: April 28, 2011

    The only problem with this is that it would take up too much area to build solar panels on the ground. Constructing them onto the wind turbines essentially "kills two birds with one stone".

    Blah says: July 3, 2013

    Um so now what we going to replace blades on all these windmills seems like a waste. Why not just attach solar panels to the pole half way up or somthing. I doubt there going to notice much difference.

      Kmart says: July 3, 2013

      I would attach a gasification unit onto the pole and burn dried poop. Lots of power in gasification.

Morgan says: May 13, 2011

The material of the solar panel is fragile and not as flexible as the carbon/glass/kevlar fiber & will be teared off by strong wind when the turbines are rolling. High maintain cost when put them on the wind turbine.

Eric says: December 11, 2011

What if the wind is blowing opposite the direction of the sun's rays?

Dumb as dogshit says: January 14, 2013

Hey Joe
Where you going with that bun in your hand?

Rev says: April 27, 2013

Hey guys, you missed the pole. Wrap around panels. In fact, given that the texture of the panels may not be ideal for catching wind, it may be a better place to put them. You're not going to get a lot out of solar anyway given the angle you have to put them on.

Target says: July 3, 2013

Liquid poop and grass clippings and water to make methane to power a generator would work good. Lots of energy in out houses going to waste. How much methane could you get from a outhouse. How many people are useing outhouses on hot summer days with wasted methane inside. People are breathing wasted methane as they sit there and make more.

Yea says: July 3, 2013

Methane from poop can be used to run a gas grill.
You can cook steak and chicken from poop gas.

Kyawlin says: May 13, 2014

Can u please show me the model which the wires were set to maintain the wind turbines. Eg. If the turbines turns it may twists the wires so I kindly request to please show the model.

    Billy says: February 14, 2015

    Look up the concept of a slip ring and you will find your answer.

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