Smart Drive System With Big Knob

After BMW promoting their iDrive system, Audi introduced us with one of their own, the big knob seems like one device to control them all. Located near the driver, it was mend to make the driver easily control infotainment system without even looking. Its stylist design makes perfect combination with the luxury interior design (some of you might think what’s the point, we don’t see it anyway). So what do you think ?

big knob smart drive system

smart drive big knob

smart big knob

Designer: Hao-Chun Huang

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You Teck says: September 15, 2007

I guess that's part of the package for luxury cars these days. Got to make it look good at least, lol.

Liam says: June 21, 2009

I love it's aesthetics. Really nice and clean shape. Looks very sci-fi with the lights. I love it and would love to see it on the next line of Audis.

Dave says: January 4, 2011

ice blue lights are a pain at night in the interior, switch to amber and ur gooooood!

James says: June 10, 2015

wow this driving system looks very cool. maybe they can upgrade to connec with my car camera so both systems will talk with each other

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