Shoe Polish Design Proposal for Sitil by Fatih Baltas

The new shoe polish design proposal for Sitil, the largest producer of shoe polish in Turkey comes in both cream as well as liquid form. The manufactures have given special care to overall packaging as the bottle for liquid polish is unique design wise. It is shaped as ‘S’ which apart being visually appealing also makes it easier to hold and it enables easy access to the difficult corners of the shoe. Also the box in which the cream version of the polish comes is also designed in a manner that facilitates easy usage and handling.

sitil shoe polish

sitil shoe polish

sitil shoe polish

Designer : Fatih Baltas

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xinxian says: December 6, 2008

It is difficult to know what is it in several minutes.

Shedrack.Njimezi says: February 17, 2009

The new design of the liquid shoe polish is very good and attractive.

My company will be interested to market it in my country Nigeria if samples,terms and conditions are known and favourable.

We anticipate your eary responce.

Yours faithfully


    David Gerry says: December 11, 2009

    Great design!

vimal.k.k says: April 25, 2010

Hi, I would like to distribute the different designs of your shoe polish products to kerala(india).Because i think there is a huge opportunity in this market in kerala-(cochin) in future.So if u r interested please give a reply to my mail.



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