Self Smear Test Kit to Perform Smear Test at Home by Hakan Gursu

Self Smear Test Kit has been designed to help women in developing countries to have easy access to routine tests to detect cervical cancer as early as possible. According to recent research, cervical cancer is the number 5 of common cancer in women worldwide with around 470,000 new cases diagnosed every year. This test kit is a special screening test to control the cervix for both infections and cancer/pre-cancer situations; early diagnosis can increase the chance to cure this disease.

Self Smear Test Kit allows user to perform smear test at home, it’s economical and hygienic product that provides 6 caps which are enough for a 3-year period of testing, once in 6-month. Using this test kit, user can obtain tissue from the opening uterus without damaging any tissues in vaginal area.

Designer : Hakan Gürsu

Self Smear Test Kit Self Smear Test Kit by Hakan Gürsu

Self Smear Test Kit Self Smear Test Kit by Hakan Gürsu

Read the designer’s explanation on how it works:

The product is used manually. Design consists of three main parts: Handle and the mechanism that is prompted by handle, body and cap. Assigned parts on the body are pushed to open the three-panels that is placed in the front end, enclosing the brush. With this movement, vagina is also opened. Handle in the back and the part attached to handle are connected to the brush and the piece that the brush is attached. By pushing the handle, protector panels enclosing the soft brush are opened, therefore the soft brush which stays in closed position for hygienic concerns comes out.

The handle can be turned around its axis, allowing the body to turn, thus enabling the soft brush to turn. Operated as explained, this movement is used to acquire tissue from opening of uterus. After the sample is obtained, handle is pulled backwards, making the protector panels close.

Having an annual screening routine with smear test is recommended, frequency varying according to age and various factors. Therefore, cap is designed as changeable, thus usage more than once is made possible. Unused, hygienic cap can be attached to body and activated. Six caps are provided alongside the main equipment. Acquired sample is smeared on the particular plastic container that is included in the equipment set. After closing the lid of container, the sample is ready for test.

Self Smear Test Kit Self Smear Test Kit by Hakan Gürsu

Self Smear Test Kit Self Smear Test Kit by Hakan Gürsu

Self Smear Test Kit Self Smear Test Kit by Hakan Gürsu

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@emilyefallon says: January 16, 2013

Any ideas on price point for this? Including postage and processing of the test? Thanks!

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