Searching for Minimalist Interior Design, Take A Look at La Dimora Design

La Dimora design came up with this modern minimalist interior design style. You can see three area here, the living room, kitchen, and also dining room. So simple, yet so elegant. If you love their design, you can contact them using the website link below.

minimalist interior design inspiration la dimora design

minimalist interior design by la dimora design

minimalist design la dimora design

Designer : La Dimora Design

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Danielle Bradshaw says: August 1, 2008

The idea of lifestyle minimalism and consumption is very important, a few days ago i saw on tv a publicity spot focusing on this and it caught my attention.

Yes we have to be careful with Earth's resources and try not to exhaust them before time – water saving, low electricity consumption, pollution are things we should bare in mind at all time. Also the idea if minimalism is important, for instance .. why should we have more thing than we need? Why keep all those old stuff piled up in a corner or basement when you can get rid of them? We can reduce everything to its necessary elements. Even tho the more attractive looking minimalist home designs are not truly minimalist, because these use more expensive building materials and finishes, and are relatively larger we should stick to the basic concept of minimalism.

Rick says: January 5, 2009

I don’t buy into this save the earth jargon, but as a style point of view, yes, this is excellent. It’s all about modern these days, and this is really getting it good.

charei says: January 23, 2009

nice design..amazing…

Sandra maquirriain says: September 2, 2009

I agree totally with the comment of minimalism, it creates a lot of expenses in the household and the use of fuels that affects the global warming.

We architects have to modernize the vernacular architecture. If there is snow, pitches roofs, if there is rain overhanged roofs that protect the window.

The quality of the new International Style from the 30´s is not interesting.


samudra says: November 27, 2009

this is ediotic it comes somethin diff

samudra says: November 27, 2009

otherwise the design is nice

manish says: April 27, 2010

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Thanking You.

Quick Facts says: October 30, 2010

You you should change the webpage title

Searching for Minimalist Interior Design, Take A Look at La Dimora Design | Tuvie – Industrial Design and Future Technology to more better for your content you make. I loved the post withal.

liz says: November 22, 2010

i like this modern design, it looks like a designer house. very creative!

rohit says: April 21, 2011

kya tum bhi yaar…………………………….

Shehryaar Akhtar says: March 18, 2012

hi, im Shehryaar Akhtar i like this design im also designer i wanna car making design 3D animation software

Henry Mendez says: April 8, 2013

Pretty impressive getting those simple pieces of decor to combine into an overall stunning concept. It’s actually a little tough to believe that I’m looking at minimalist designs.

Usman says: December 7, 2014

Eye catching designs!

Corian Worktops UK says: October 5, 2015

Really lovely spaces, great use of colour and light too.

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