U-Grow Is The Answer For An Eco Way Of Life Helping You Grow Herbs And Plants In Your Own Home

As the urban areas grow even more crowded and the open spaced gardens become a dream for every citizen, Tom Gould comes with an amazing solution, that will become the dream come true for many of us. This system is called U-Grow and is a self sustained, indoor Aeroponic growing system, based on nutrient reclamation from organic kitchen waste. The U-Grow is a perfect solution for people who wish to recycle waste and grow their own produce and for those who have limited or no garden space. To use the product, the users have to fill the 10 Liter composting tank with organic kitchen waste, then place the seeds on the Nutrient Membrane. With the U-Grow the produce is ready for harvest 4 times faster than using soil. After harvesting is completed, the users have to empty out the waste for either council collection or home composting.

The U-grow can be used to grow herbs, salads, strawberries, pepper and chillies. The users are also able to grow small flowering plants, perfect for growing seedlings to then re-pot. The U-Grow is a unique indoor growing solution, which brings that colorful garden you always dreamed of, into your own home.

Designer: Tom Gould

Grow plants from waste 3

Grow plants from waste 1

Grow plants from waste 2

Grow plants from waste 4

Grow plants from waste 5

Grow plants from waste 6

Grow plants from waste 7

Sony Ericsson Phone : Wearable Around The Neck

Compact mobile phone designed for Sony Ericsson. This mobile phone is a personal, friendly object which is wearable around the neck. The user can use the three buttons (Busy, Accept, Reject) to handle the calls. The ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’ buttons work in the regular fashion while the ‘Busy’ button allows the user to record a message such as ‘I am in a meeting right now’. When the button pressed during an incoming call, the phone plays the message for the caller. The concept of “call priority” is also introduced here. This is a feature which allows callers to set a priority for the call, such as emergency, normal, fun, etc. In return, the peeking display of the device glows with a certain color for certain priority levels when ringing. Will we see it in the future ? Let’s wait for Sony Ericsson answer …

compact phone mp3

Sony Ericsson compact phone mp3

future compact phone mp3

Designer : Bilgi Karan

ReWalk Exoskeleton Helps Paraplegics Walk

To stand and to walk for some people that could be just a dream. ReWalk exoskeleton is trying to make that dream come true, paraplegics will be able to stand, walk, even climb the stairs The challenge here is to design something that imitates a human walking, including universal fit for a broad range of user height and weight measurements, as well as a low profile that is both contemporary and user friendly. ReWalk exoskeleton is a light, wearable brace support suit featuring DC motors at the joints, rechargeable batteries, an array of sensors, and a computer-based control system. Users wear a backpack device and braces on their legs, and select the activity they want from a remote control. A sensor on the chest determines the torso’s angle and guides the legs to move forward or backward to maintain balance. You can expect to see ReWalk Exoskeleton on sale in 2009.

rewalk from solidwork

Designer : SolidWorks via GizmoWatch

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