ETNA – Future Mobile Phone Concept by Maxie Pantel

Maxie Pantel has designed an eye-catching mobile phone concept. This design revolves around the charger unit. The eye-catching opening in the middle fulfills two functions: storing the phone and charging it. ETNA fits onto an adapter which is plugged directly into an electrical socket: the phone is charged via induction and an illuminated, colour-coded ring on the charger adapter shows the respective charging status. The mobile charger adapter is used to ?hang up? the phone, lending the mobile phone a permanent place in the apartment or office. With the help of the charger unit ETNA can easily be incorporated into daily tasks and routines. Hanging the mobile phone on the charger unit becomes a daily ritual, similar to hanging keys on a key hook.

etna future mobile phone concept

etna future mobile phone concept

Designer : Maxie Pantel

Magic Stone Phone Concept Has Hologram Based Functions And A One Of A Kind User Customizable Case

I know, I want one too. I don’t think there is a living soul out there who wouldn’t want one. This amazing phone has all the functions of a contemporary phone such as: mobility, constant Internet connection, access to documents, games and the best possibilities and means of communication and contact. But these are just basic features. The most important feature is, that you can create your own phone case, fully customizable, painted with pictures you pick from the Internet, you can create the phone of your dream, a brand to call your own. With the “Magic Stone” each customer will be able to feel himself a creator and to see a real embodiment of it’s creation. Year after year the need of self-expression is growing.

Another interesting feature, is that the phone doesn’t require a power charge, it’s case is covered with a nano-material which converts the Sun light into energy or you can use the wireless charging, meaning the battery is charged from magnetic fields. The “Magic Stone” has a touch screen display, but the display is also a hologram projector which is created by a laser. The hologram can be used to project a keyboard for text typing, a map as a GPS, 3D objects such as games, a video or picture viewer, the laser bunches can read the motion in the holographic projection field enabling the user to stretch, minimize, rotate or bank the hologram.

The designer, Aleksander Mukomelov, has thought about everything a user would want from his phone. The “Magic Stone” was also awarded a winner in the Red Dot Design Award 2009.

Designer : Aleksander Mukomelov







ECOmove QBEAK Electric Vehicle Is A Modular Transformable Transportation

EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard unveiled Ecomove’s innovative electric car, QBEAK. Connie Hedegaard, soon after revealing the car, took the chance to receive further information regarding the sedan and its climate advantages. The new QBEAK is a lightweight eco-car that is able to run further when compared to other electric sedans per charge. The selection of materials makes lots of the parts reusable that equals savings for the customer. A smartphone is the most striking intelligence of the sedan and it works like a dashboard plus as a remote control for a number of functions. The smartphone can as well be used to get a warning of the residual battery level, regardless of where the owner is located. In addition, the phone is capable of opening the electrical sliding doors mechanically as you approach them.

From : ECOmove

ECOmove Electric Vehicle

ECOmove Electric Vehicle

ECOmove Electric Vehicle

ECOmove Electric Vehicle

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