Vamoose Waterproof Jacket & Rucksack In One

Always be protected from the rain with Vamoose Waterproof Jacket & Rucksack. It’s a 3 layer jacket that is rugged, breathable, windproof and waterproof. The jacket keeps your dry and comfortable when it’s pouring rain and when storm passes, simply fold it into a backpack. This new level of packability is available thanks to Vamoose pocket technology, it turns the jacket into a rucksack easily that you can carry anywhere with you. It keeps you warm without making you soaking wet from your sweat, yes, it uses breathable fabric guys. One thing cool about this jacket is that when you transform it into a backpack, all exterior pockets remain on the outside so that you can use it even when it doesn’t rain. If you hate carrying umbrella, you might want to get this jacket.

From : Vamoose

Vamoose Waterproof Jacket & Rucksack

Vamoose Waterproof Jacket & Rucksack

Vamoose Waterproof Jacket & Rucksack

Do You Know That T02 is A Slide Cell Phone ?

Usually, the slide-phones are designed in a way that they look closed when you see them first and when they open up, users can see a step as well as the sliding surface on the backside of the upper portion. TO2 is a marvelously designed sliding phone that looks like a slide-phone when it is closed and when it is open, the step or the sliding surfaces can’t be seen on its backside, giving an impression that it’s meant to be open. TO2 is designed in a black piano finish that gives it a classy look. Moreover, the giant display and the unique keypad give it a modern touch.

t02 cell phone

t02 cell phone

t02 cell phone

Designer : Matthias Pugin

Pontiac Solstice Coupe for 2009

Pontiac Solstice Coupe is one of the three coming soon cars from Pontiac, a natural development of the Solstice Roadster. If you love open-air experience, you need to know that this coupe features a removable roof panel, fully opening the cockpit to the sky. Available in 2009.

pontiac solstice coupe

Remove the roof for an exhilarating ride turns into one that offers open�air freedom. It strikes the perfect blend of form and function.

concept pontiac solstice coupe car

future pontiac solstice coupe

Sinuous shapes. Distinctive curves. Sexy roofline. The new two�seat Solstice Coupe is performance art. It’s a classic roadster with modern tastes: 260hp and 260lb�ft of torque in its GXP form, rigid architecture, hydro formed body panels and a stance that provides perfect balance. Every fluid line of its seductive body tempts you and draws you to drive it.

coming soon pontiac solstice coupe

Designer : Pontiac

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