A College Party Becomes Easier with The Kegstand

The summers are in and of course you just want to grab that chilled drink to beat the heat. So now the time has come to make your college party even classier with the new Kegstand. The lifecycle of Kegstand is effortless i.e. rent, return, refill – and then rent again! With the help of its exclusive feature of the wheels it very easy to pull the Kegstand into your backyard and once that you have dropped the Keg cozy on and buckled it to the base then it can be filled with ice and then at the end of the night it is for drainage as there is a plug which helps you to have an easy drainage.

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

Source : TheGreenerGrass via IGreenSpot

Aeolus Multi-Functional Modular Air Purify System For Kitchen

In modern society, people move from the countryside to the city, from a house to an apartment. It also means the domestic space is generally getting smaller and smaller. In order to have the best usage of space and aesthetic, the open plan kitchen is becoming the main stream of the interior layout of a small apartment.

The recent range hood products are either developed to be powerful and professional or with intricate aesthetic. With this two opposite direction, it means the user has to sacrifice one or the other element they desire instead of having both function and beauty together.

Designer : Hsu, Chi-Rong

Aeolus Extractor Fan

AEOLUS is a new modular air purify system with three major parts:

1. Center part

In the center part, there is the heart of this product, with touch panel on both sides which is where the user interface located. Most of the delicate technologies are hidden in this part.

Aeolus Extractor Fan

2. Extension part

A standard 60 cm extrusion aluminium bar extending from the side of the center piece, connecting air and electric system to let it work as a normal suspension LED lighting system and also the innovated air system. This bar, serving as a base with the tracks upside and downside, allows the suspension system and accessories to attach on it. In each bar, there is a positive electrode alloy collector within it. After the anion catches the particles, the air would be attracted by both the nature effect similar to static electricity and also the exhausting force from the motor. The dirty air passes the chamber and leaves the particles on the collector and then goes into the motor of center piece that becomes a process of air purify cycle.

3. Accessories

The adaptable and flexible items that can be easily assembled and adjusted by simple screw.

Aeolus Extractor Fan

Aeolus Extractor Fan

Travelling Suitcase Concept

The whole world is your sweet, sweet home! We love traveling! And we really know what it means when you have to spend 10 or 15 hours waiting on uncomfortable seats at the airport lounges, not being able to spread yourself comfortably on a sofa, and forget about that beloved rocking chair or comfy slippers you are used to enjoy at home so much. Being a passenger is a challenge. The Our Home Comforts on the Go Furniture collection includes transforming suitcases designed to recreate a feeling of home for any traveler anywhere. All these are created for travelers who always want to take their home along: Suitcase-Turn-Chair, Suitcase-Turn-Bookcase and Suitcase-Turn-Lamp. It?s for travelers who simply cannot afford not to indulge their habits and whims.

suitcase design, travel bag

travel bag design

suitcase design

Designer: Igor Gurovich, Anna Naumova & Eric Belooussov via yankodesign.com

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