Coffee Cup from New York to Paris

For all true coffee lovers, Laurent Corio has introduced a nifty solution for the traditional espresso cup. Now, you can get the best cup of espresso each morning that can give you best style ever which is important for delicious taste. Lid cum saucer espresso cup is the smart solution for taking away your coffee on the streets to enjoy with your partner or friends. His espresso cup lid-cum-saucer transforms to suit both street and cafe culture. Quite comfortable to hold and stylish in look.

coffee from new york to paris

drink coffee with new york culture or paris culture

coffee cup dual function

Designer: Laurent Corio via Core77

Stress Buster Transforms Your Kicking, Punching, and Squeezing Into Energy

Hard day at work can cause you eager to beat something/someone after you get back home. That’s why, in my opinion “Stress Buster” lamp series is an innovative design. This product is based on the law of conservation energy: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another”. It tries to convert your stress into usable energy. “Stress Buster” consists of punching bag, kicking column, and squeeze ball where each of them has been designed with piezoelectricity layer that has the ability to generate an electrical field or electric potential in response to applied mechanical strain.

These lamps produce energy that is stored in the built-in rechargeable battery every time user kicking, punching, or squeezing. The squeeze balls are portable gadgets that can also be used as emergency lights. The more you squeeze and play, the more energy these balls can keep. User can also utilize them as small power generators since each of them has been designed with power outlet socket.

Designer : Saravanan Nagasundaram

Night Lamps and Stress Buster

Night Lamps and Stress Buster

Night Lamps and Stress Buster

Night Lamps and Stress Buster

Immaculate Explores New Possibilities for Prosthetic Devices

One of the best innovations that has happened is the invention of prosthetic limbs which has given a new dimension and hope to those who have lost their limbs due to an accident or other reasons. Today advances in the medical field have ensured that these extensions look very much like the human skin. But that’s also a disadvantage to look at as some may feel reveled by touching it, hence immaculate is a concept that ensures that it is as much a part of the body as it is connected to the central nervous system and responds to desired actions. A nice and humane innovation must say.

immaculate prosthetic devices

immaculate prosthetic devices

Text from Hans :
Immaculate is a concept that explores new possibilities for prosthetic devices. It aims to question the strive for normality and imitation in prosthetics, and instead attempts to incorporate identity and new functionality. Immaculate means flawless, and reflects on the amputee not being less of a person.

As of today prosthetics are technological skeletons covered in silicone. They imitate the look of a natural arm perfectly, but as soon as someone touches it one realize it’s a prosthetic. The consequence is then a phenomenon researchers call “The Uncanny Valley”, whereas something is so lifelike the realization of it being artificial leads to shock and revulsion.

To avoid this, and to promote the interests of the prosthetic users I want to apply the same philosophy used in eyewear. These support products have gone from being purely functional to become objects of fashion and identity. Furthermore it turns it into an object of beauty instead of a technological object masquerading as a natural arm.

Immaculate is a neurological prosthetic, connected to the users central nervous system. The exterior of the prosthetic is textile clad in Corian plates. The Corian allows embedded technology to be seamlessly integrated, and in union with the textile gives the prosthetic a clear graphical identity. Each joint is a globe joint, allowing a larger freedom of movement than a normal human arm.

Instead of imitating the ordinary Immaculate strives for the extraordinary.

immaculate prosthetic devices

immaculate prosthetic devices

Designer : Hans Alexander Huseklepp

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