Zvulun – Future Street Cleaning Cart Concept

In the 21 century people are still cleaning the street with basic tools: broom, scoop and can. It’s hard and clumsy, but still very important for the people and quality of city life. The main problems of street cleaning are : the use of broom and scoop at the same time, transference of the garbage from the scoop to the cart can, lack of space for personal bag or other tools, most cleaning carts have poor image.

Zvulun – street cleaning cart with scoop device in front of the cart and cylindrical can between 2 big wheels. The cart makes the work more comfortable, fast and effective. The broom is installed in the static side of the wheel. The cart is supplied with a big cell for personal needs. Design of the cart was inspirited by hi-tech style and ancient transport. The frame of the cart is made of iron. A can, scoop and the cell was made of recycled plastic injection. The wheels are filled with silicone rubber.

zvulun street cleaning cart

zvulun street cleaning cart

Designer : Gadi Dudler design

Pontiac Solstice Coupe for 2009

Pontiac Solstice Coupe is one of the three coming soon cars from Pontiac, a natural development of the Solstice Roadster. If you love open-air experience, you need to know that this coupe features a removable roof panel, fully opening the cockpit to the sky. Available in 2009.

pontiac solstice coupe

Remove the roof for an exhilarating ride turns into one that offers open�air freedom. It strikes the perfect blend of form and function.

concept pontiac solstice coupe car

future pontiac solstice coupe

Sinuous shapes. Distinctive curves. Sexy roofline. The new two�seat Solstice Coupe is performance art. It’s a classic roadster with modern tastes: 260hp and 260lb�ft of torque in its GXP form, rigid architecture, hydro formed body panels and a stance that provides perfect balance. Every fluid line of its seductive body tempts you and draws you to drive it.

coming soon pontiac solstice coupe

Designer : Pontiac

With Link Child Locator, Hopefully No More Missing Children

You are about to catch the flight for that weekend get away with your family and it’s a last minute rush to board the plane. You already have the boarding pass and just as you hear the last minute announcements, suddenly you observe that your child is missing! You look everywhere but where to locate in this sea of human faces? Is he safe or what might have happened? This might seem to be a scene taken out of any popular movie flick, but could as well be a scenario in real life too. There are many incidents across airports, amusement parks or shopping malls wherein the Public address system is used to locate the dear ones. Not any more! If the Link Child Locator is anything to go by!

The basic concept that works on is that a parent can use to locate or keep a track of the child in a crowded location. It has 2 components, a bracelet, which is worn by the child containing a transmitter module that works at a range of up to 100 feet, and the other part is a watch style bracelet which is worn by the parent. This part receives the child’s signal and indicates the direction and the estimated distance on a small LCD display.

link child locator

locate your child with link

Not just that, with this one can keep a track of their child and also set a safe radius of distance as and when the child goes out this comfort zone, the same is indicated on the parent’s along with direction. Thus this gadget is very helpful for all those parents who would like to keep an eye on their kids at all the time.

future link child locator

futuristic link child locator

Designer : DContinuum

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