Brunopasso, An Expresso Coffee Machine That Looks like an Italian Sport Car

Japanese designer Tadahito Ishibashi has come up with an espresso machine which he has named as “Brunopasso”. He has called the same as design for style because the design is truly majestic and can be termed as a masterpiece. It looks in every bit more like the Italian Sports Cars complete with console panel. While looking stylish it is also very simple to use and even works with pods. These gadgets are very much available commonly at the supermarkets. So just go ahead and make a style statement by having an espresso machine right on your table.

brunopasso expresso machine

brunopasso expresso machine

Designer : Tadahito Ishibashi [ProductPage]

Dial (Phone) Has Found A Brilliant Way In Combining Fashion And Mobility Into An Interesting Concept

Dial (Phone) is a mobile device that can be worn on the wrist, like a bracelet. The concept mixes cutting-edge technology with reference to the products of time gone by. It invokes memories of old-fashioned dial phones. Due to the ongoing development of technology, the mobile phone’s design becomes smaller and smaller, so the Dial(Phone) has been designed as a fashion accessory. The circular shape and the name “Dial(Phone)” are derived from the dial phones of times past, mixing these nostalgic feelings was the intention of Jung Dae Hoon, the designer. The Dial(Phone) comes in various finishing materials, being a fashion accessory it has to represent the user’s taste. The looks of the phone vary from luxurious, sporty or elegant. The phone is operated by turning the dial. Once started, projected light beams are your guide indicating different characters. These light projected characters can be read if the phone is removed from the wrist and placed on the palm of the hand or on a flat surface. The upper part of the dial responds to the user’s touch and by pressing it, in the corresponding number, it facilitates dialing.

Designer : Jung Dae Hoon

Wrist dial phone1

Wrist dial phone2

Wrist dial phone3

Wrist dial phone4

Wrist dial phone5

Wrist dial phone6

Wrist dial phone7

GOFA Shopping Trolley Offers Faster Checkout in Supermarket While Maintaining Traditional Cashier-Staffed Checkout

Some people just hate to wait, especially in checkout lines at grocery store or supermarket. The checkout is usually the main bottleneck at supermarket where traditional operations at checkout consist of scanning the items, billing and payment, segregating and packing these merchandises into the shopping bags. Ten years ago, we thought self-serve lanes would be the future of supermarket, where people could scan their own food and merchandises, pay, bag their stuff and head out on their way. However, it was reported that people actually were much more satisfied with their shopping experience when they had to deal with traditional cashier-staffed lanes.

So, in order to keep our traditional operations yet reduce the amount of time needed for the checkout process, Abhinav Dapke, an industrial designer, has come up with GoFa Shopping trolley concept. Using this trolley, the work needed at the checkout process will get distributed between user and staff.

Designer : Abhinav Dapke

GOFA Shopping Trolley by Abhinav Dapke

GOFA Shopping Trolley by Abhinav Dapke

GoFa shopping trolley has been designed with a basket that is capable of reading any items when they are placed inside or taken out of the trolley. It is equipped with RFID, NFC, or similar technology at the edges of the basket to enable the system interacts and tags the merchandise. All information retrieved will be displayed on LED screen as a feedback to user.

The merchandises are divided into groups which can be packed together. The display shelf of these groups & their shopping bags will have a same color indication. (For example, Baby products shelf & shopping bags will be represented with pink color).

User can collect the shopping bag from the display shelf to bag the merchandise and put it into GoFa. At checkout, the staff will connect GoFa shopping trolley to the system, take the payment & tagged merchandises to be released.

GOFA Shopping Trolley by Abhinav Dapke

GOFA Shopping Trolley by Abhinav Dapke

GOFA Shopping Trolley by Abhinav Dapke

GOFA Shopping Trolley by Abhinav Dapke

GOFA Shopping Trolley by Abhinav Dapke

Tuvie has received “GOFA Shopping Trolley” from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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