Toyota i-TRIL Concept Car for Urban Mobility in 2030

Unveiled at 2017 Geneva Motor Show, futuristic Toyota i-TRIL concept car offers the possibility of alternative transportation that can take you from one place to another with Active Lean technology. Trying to revolutionize mindset for motorists, i-TRIL is designed to be more than just a commodity, it’s driven by Akio Toyoda’s commitment to bring passion and driving pleasure in all Toyota’s vehicles. Embracing the company’s Waku Doki a.k.a “Beat of the Heart” philosophy, this futuristic vehicle is a future vision of electric vehicle that would stimulate your senses and set the pulse racing.

The target customer for i-TRIL is actually a new one, a sophisticated, single, 30 to 50 year old active female, maybe with two children. This concept vehicle is perfect for her who lives in SMESTO or Small to Medium Sized Town. It is based on European Union studies where in the future, the inhabitants in SMESTOs around Europe would increase significantly, they would take children to school, visit restaurant, and socialize. Small, agile, and urban friendly transportation is going to be in high demand.

The new Toyota i-TRIL concept understands that its target customers are active mothers who are often torn between “Me Time” and spending time with their children. This concept car embraces and merges that conflict with 3 functions: Active Lean technology, “Relaxed Engagement”, and unique One-plus-Two seating layout of the car.

From : Toyota

Toyota i-TRIL Concept Car for Urban Mobility in 2030

Toyota i-TRIL Concept Car for Urban Mobility in 2030

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BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 Motorcycle Offers Analogue Experience in A Digital Era

Looking further into the future, BMW has developed a series of Vision Vehicles to meet your needs of mobility in the future. This time, BMW Group has revealed BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle. This concept motorcycle has been designed with an assumption that in the future, mobility would become even more connected and multifaceted.

This futuristic motorcycle carries BMW Group’s vision of biking in a connected world, it offers an analogue experience in a digital era. Once you straddle your bike, you are free, this bike should be your Great Escape. The design of this motorcycle demonstrates the perfect synthesis between human and machine where every detail is crafted with highest quality material. It has the most striking visual aspects of BMW Motorrad bikes across the ages.

From : BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 The Great Escape Futuristic Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 The Great Escape Futuristic Motorcycle

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Somerset Folding Bike Features Oval Shaped Frame for Convenient Carrying in Public Transportation

Somerset Folding Bike has been designed to amplify the convenience and comfort of transportation into our daily life, using industrial design point of view. In recent years, Taiwan’s government has been promoting the use of mass transportation as alternative to automobiles and motorcycles, public transportation will become the trend of the future yet there are still many people choose private high-fuel consumption transportation. One of the goals for this project aside from reducing carbon footprint, is to encourage people to use public transportation even though they carry a bike.

The innovative mechanism to fold makes this bike turning into a compact cart that can be easily carried in folded mode. Starting with many sketches, the designer thought about how to put a business bag on the bike, that’s why he used elements such as semicircle or circle to develop a series of concept folding bikes.

Designer : Kaiser Chang

Somerset Folding Bike and e-Bike by Kaiser Chang

Somerset Folding Bike and e-Bike by Kaiser Chang

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Top 20 Winning Designs of A’Design Award and Competition from All Years

If you are a follower of Tuvie, you’ll already know about A’Design Award and Competition. Usually this time of year, they are open for registration where great designs are submitted from around the world to win this prestigious design award. We’d like to inspire you through top 20 of winning designs from all years.

1. Toybic Personalized RC Car by Denis Orlenok
Designed as next generation of personalized remote controlled toy car, Toybic can be custom-designed through online application and 3D printed directly from home. This platform gives user a chance to enjoy interactive virtual games but in a real world.

Toybic Personalized RC Car by Denis Orlenok

2. Pulse Foosball table by Mula Preta Design
As popular entertainment product, foosball table always bring people together playing a scaled football game. Pulse Foosball Table features modern design since it’s going to be placed in an extremely modern Gym. It combines acrylic, wood, and glass as the base.

Pulse Foosball table by Mula Preta Design

3. Wooden eBike by Matthias Broda
The goal of this project was to create an electrical bike and build it in an eco-friendly way. It uses CNC machinery and wood material in production process since it is the most cost efficient way to guarantee repeatability unlike manufacturing. It’s an ideal way for a small mass production and still can be customized for individual needs.

Wooden eBike by Matthias Broda

4. Romo Printing shop and photo studio by Claudio and Christian Gantous
This architecture design blends semi-desert landscape with progressive industrial building to house a line printing shop and photo studio. The main challenge here is to design iconic industrial building and minimize its visual impact by integrating the archicture with its natural topography and endemic vegetation. The result is pretty amazing, the roof’s design and the natural landscape are integrated in one continuous expanse, infused with a mosaic of modular flower beds and solar panels.

Romo Printing shop and photo studio by Claudio and Christian Gantous

5. Chess set by Duval Patterson
Beautiful chess set made from manufactured birch hardwood dowels and blocks, there’s no carving involved here. It looks really good that you can use it as decoration when not in use.

Chess set by Duval Patterson

6. Stable Chopsticks by Jieming Yu
Chopsticks design doesn’t change much, people who are having dinner with chopsticks usually put them on the table or place the tips on the side of the plates. Due to the shape of chopsticks, which are usually cylindrical, they are very easy to slide and fall down to the floor. Jieming Yu offers redesigned chopsticks with small groove, in this way, user can place them on the bowls or plates without worrying accidental slide down.

Stable Chopsticks by Jieming Yu

7. Bird Wearable input device by product design
Have you watched Minority Report movie? If you have, then you might be familiar with this device. It’s a futuristic wearable device that aggregates the entire spectrum of interactive methods in a form of ring-like accessory. With this device, the entire room can be transformed into 3D interactive workspace.

Bird Wearable input device by product design

8. Concept#3 Electric Motorcycle by Stefan Toth
Inspired by custom motorcycle builders, Stefan Tóth designed a universal two-wheeled vehicle for urban environment. Dedicated for short distance commute, this e-motorbike requires frequent charging, but don’t worry, this problem is solved with switchable battery. The transparent dashboard allows rider to see the road through, the upper part can be used as a storage space for luggage.

Concept#3 Electric Motorcycle by Stefan Toth

9. Toilet Paper Roll Redesign Toilet Paper Roll by Sheng-Hung Lee & Josipa Dodig
This concept toilet paper roll would make all dust go away. It is made from disinfected recycling paper pulp, you don’t need to purchase additional toilet roll holder, this unit has provided you with all you need.

Toilet Paper Roll Redesign Toilet Paper Roll by Sheng-Hung Lee & Josipa Dodig

10. JinGoo Wireless Audio Light by DAQI Concept
We have featured this audio light before, well, great minds think alike. JinGoo is a wireless auto player and mood lighting, a beautiful product design to enhance any contemporary interior design. It is powered by lithium batteries and uses energy-saving LED lamps.

JinGoo Wireless Audio Light by DAQI Concept

11. Hideaway Chair Children’s Chair by Think & Shift
Cozy and comfortable, designed specifically for children, this chair features spherical form to provide enclosure for visual and audio privacy. The unique shape invites children to sit and relax. The body is pretty low to the ground, suggesting to children that it is designed for them not for adults. There are gaps between each bent ply section to allow dirt and liquids to fall through, each upholstered panel is fixed to the chair using clips, it can be easily removed for cleaning.

Hideaway Chair Children's Chair by Think & Shift

12. Vacs Assistive Geriatric Device by Guillermo Márquez & Graciela Guadarrama
As more people suffer from hypertension, these designers want to come up with a medical device that can help reducing the death rate caused by this disease. Vacs is a concept real-time heart pulse monitoring device, it can be connected to other service platform that can give emergency response when necessary.

Vacs Assistive Geriatric Device by Guillermo Márquez & Graciela Guadarrama

13. Worknic Lunchbox by Andrea Mazo Viadero
This lunchbox has been designed with “sharing” spirit to encourage people to have lunch outside the office. Eating lunch together can increase our social skill, enhancing our primary intuitions. This lunchbox features multiple containers that can be used for all kind of foods, you can easily pick up one container and share it with others around you.

Worknic Lunchbox by Andrea Mazo Viadero

14. Cargob Urban Eco Bike by Peng Zhan for PONZ DESIGN
This cargo bike is really handy for medium distance deliveries of consumer goods. The front cart can be separated from the bike, in this way, when the delivery guy arrives at his/her destination, they can unlock the front cart and pull it into the building instead of unloading all the packages. The motor of this electric bike can also collect energy from riding and braking, transforming kinetic energy into electric that the rider can use to charge mobile devices.

Cargob Urban Eco Bike by Peng Zhan for PONZ DESIGN

15. Pebble Heater by Elaheh Tassavor
Keeping simplicity in mind, Elaheh has designed Pebble. It’s a heater that offers ultimate user experience by giving complete control over ambient climate. This heater uses Bluetooth and Wifi compatible device to sync with homes and offices thermometers to provide efficient and green user experience. This device can be controlled remotely and via touch, the body design provides a pleasant aesthetic feeling to the room.

Pebble Heater by Elaheh Tassavor

16. CHRONODROP Smart Watch by Beomjun Sohn
A unique watch that was inspired by a drop of water and Confucian aphorism. This watch features minimalist design with waterdrop-shaped minute hand and LED hour hand. It has 2 circular LCD screens. Time flows like the water in the river, we guess that’s what the designer wants to remind user.

CHRONODROP Smart Watch by Beomjun Sohn

17. Boomerang Telephone by Valentino Chow
Just as its name suggests, you can tell that this phone was inspired by traditional Australian throwing tool. Boomerang features ultra-slim handset with a perfect arc, looking really elegant on your desk. This stylish cordless home phone meets consumer demand for product design that doesn’t sacrifice its appearance for function. The glossy black finish with chromed highlights would attract everyone’s eyes.

Boomerang Telephone by Valentino Chow

18. LW-01 Medical Bottle Cap by SUWU Design Studio
This innovative medical bottle cap can be used on almost standard mineral water bottles. It is able to hold short term pills so that when you need to carry your drugs, you don’t need additional storage space, especially when you traveling. People swallow pill with water, this smart design integrates your pill with your water bottle, very convenient for you to take your pills at any time.

LW-01 Medical Bottle Cap by SUWU Design Studio

19. MorePlusDesk with moss Table by Giorgio Caporaso
Bringing green into your office with More Desk Plus. This unique desk is made with cardboard body and lacquered wood finishes, under the tempered glass top, there’s a beautiful moss rug lives depending only the humidity of the air. This table would become a centerpiece in any room, visually striking by creating open-air sensation to your interior décor.

MorePlusDesk with moss Table by Giorgio Caporaso

20. Bike Break Electric Trike Mobile Kiosk by Chiara Minì
This trike is a human-powered transport, designed specifically to offer you with sustainable transportation. Bike Break is a moving kiosk with an e-bike for the transfers. With this trike, you can easily park your kiosk anywhere, the modern design would attract people to have a drink or coffee.

Bike Break Electric Trike Mobile Kiosk by Chiara Minì

SpeedOneSeat Concept Car for Urban Areas

Designed as a side project, SpeedOneSeat is a single-seater concept transportation to cruise urban environment.

The SpeedOneSeat was a side project of the 3rd semester of my Transportation Interior Design study in Reutlingen, Germany. It is a small and fast 1-seater for track days and city-traffic. The Urban Go-Kart! Motorcycle fun in a car! The SpeedOneSeat is perfect for the city as for track days because it is small, light, fast, and fun. Designed as a smaller, less expensive brother of the KTM X-BOW, it is the ultimate entry-level fun car.

Designer : Hannes Fiechtner

SpeedOneSeat Concept Vehicle by Hannes Fiechtner

SpeedOneSeat Concept Vehicle by Hannes Fiechtner

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MV 800 RvR Twin Concept Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

Submitted by Lee Thompson, this concept motorcycle design was inspired by MZ concept, keeping MZ DNA, it also features Streetfighter characteristics. You can read his explanation below.

I recently saw an MZ concept article here and was impressed, however looking at a design in today’s and 5 years time or so design I feel an MZ RvR 800 V-twin (not a Ducati) would be the way to go. Make it different but with a slightly Street fighter/ custom street appeal, but keep a little of the MZ DNA. The frame DNA and a close color flash back to the old blue and the bike would then start to establish an MZ identity, maybe the offering of something unique for example a retracting pillion seat.

The street type custom image leans towards a cut down solo seat look, but what happens when the question of two up riding is asked for? I believe an aggressive stance should be considered so establish an identity, also maybe an introduction (in this case Green) an idea not just to offset plainness but establish an identity whilst offering the possibility of other or alternative customer options to. The exhausts are uncomplicated but again an alternative and identifying attribute to the RvR along with the single sided tube type swinging arm.

Designer : Lee Thompson

MV 800 RvR Twin Concept Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

MV 800 RvR Twin Concept Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

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Our Top 20 Picks from A’ Design Awards & Competition Winners 2015-2016

A’Design Award and Competition, one of prestigious design awards, has released the results of the 2015-2016 design competition. Last year, there were 836 winners, but this year, the number has jumped to 1276 winners from 88 countries in 93 different design disciplines. Each entry has been carefully evaluated by an international influential jury panel that consists of design professionals, established scholars, prominent press members, and experienced entrepreneurs who have devoted great attention to details when voting each entry.

Get fresh design inspiration, all of you are invited to discover latest trends in arts, architecture, and technology. You can visit A’Design Awards’ online gallery of winners at, all editors worldwide, aficionados, and design enthusiasts, would benefit from browsing and checking out the winning designs. All winners are invited to attend glamorous gala-night and award ceremony in Italy, they would be called to stage to collect the trophies, award certificate, as well as yearbooks.

Here are top 20 winning designs of our pick (in random order):

1. 3bee Bicycle Frame by Tamás Túri
Inspired by the shape of human body when riding a bike, 3bee is a bicycle frame that can be adjusted to meet rider’s need. It is a 3D printable sports equipment that aims to make the bike fully customizable. It comes with an integrated seat, this frame is fully adjustable from the beginning of the production, the use of 3D printing technique allows you to personalize the bike with different kind of parts.

3bee Bicycle Frame by Tamás Túri

A'Design Award and Competition 2015-2016 Winner - 3bee Bicycle Frame by Tamás Túri

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Yamaha MT-10 Motorcycle Is Claimed to Be Most Powerful MT Yet

Yamaha has introduced MT-10 motorcycle at 2015 EICMA, Milan. It offers you power, torque, and agility, it’s by far the most powerful MT ever created. Yamaha explains that this model has been tuned for more low and mid-range torque, giving you serious power with corner-carving precision.

Featuring 998cc crossplane engine that’s tuned for extra low to mid range torque, combined with a lightweight ultra-short wheelbase aluminum Deltabox chassis, MT-10 provides you ultimate power with class leading agility and total control. The ergonomic body design allows for a natural riding position. The engine features new intake, exhaust, and fueling systems that support its strong low to mid range performance, it also has uneven 270° – 180° – 90° – 180° firing sequence to deliver linear torque with instant response and precise control.

Designer : Yamaha

Yamaha MT-10 motorcycle

Yamaha MT-10 motorcycle

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KTM Delta : Electric Motorcycle for Hipsters Just Like Riding a Single Speed Bike

In corporation with KTM and Kista, Benjamin Loinger has designed KTM Delta, a concept motorcycle for younger generation. You can read his explanations about this project below.

KTM DELTA is an electric-mobility-concept for hipsters, a subculture of young people, with which they can explore the city, based on the driving style of a single speed bicycle. It’s a bike that sets itself and the driver in scene. With KTM DELTA, the surrounding can be explored easily and new challenges can be found. During use, there is no visible interface that distracts the user. Therefore the main focus is laid on driving.

Beside the usual construction of motorcycles with steel or aluminum, KTM DELTA has a monocoque frame made of carbon fiber. The low weight of the material allows a light construction, a unique structure results from the formation.

Designer : Benjamin Loinger

KTM Delta by Benjamin Loinger

KTM Delta by Benjamin Loinger

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T 005 Cross Motorcycle Features Boxy Shaped Body

Unusual boxy shaped T 005 Cross Motorcycle has been designed for a graphic designer. It’s a special project designed and built for special friend, someone who always finds a way on how to combine ideas and function in one product. The result is sleek and cool motorcycle design that can be used on the road even in a bad condition but still shows beauty and sleekness that represents owner’s ideas. The design started with creating a new sub frame for 2008 Yamaha Scorpio in order to get a clean look under the seat while maximizing the horizontal grid. The aluminum plate is used to construct the body panel to reduce weight due to thick material plate.

Few parts of the bike got new replacements, the team renewed the gasket and place it on a vapor blasting treatment to create contrast and give value to the bike before the coloring phase begins. The PE 28 Carburator allows this bike to breath fresh air and the custom-made stainless steel exhaust is covered with a black exhaust wrap.

Designer : Thrive Motorcycle

T 005 Cross Motorcycle by Thrive Motorcycle

T 005 Cross Motorcycle by Thrive Motorcycle

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Lane Splitter : Futuristic Car that Splits Into Motorcycles

Mark Wilson of Fast Company has a cool (or crazy) idea about a futuristic car with ability to split into 2 motorcycles. Argodesign has done a great job in visualizing this futuristic idea into something tangible and beautiful. Called as Lane Splitter, this futuristic vehicle is an all-electric vehicle that splits into 2 closed-top motorcycles when you need it to be. As a car, it might not look really cool, but when it transforms into 2 personal urban motorbike, it looks kinda stylish.

This project was lead by Chipp Walters, he had designed several projects for NASA in the 80’s and 90’s, as you can see here, he has turned something from idea and sketches into something realistic enough that people might buy it. This innovative car embraces asymmetry where the motorcycles could be flat on the inside but curved on the outside. It features safe locking mechanisms that would attach the vehicles near the bottom of the frame. The equipped auto parking system just like some smart cars have today can guide these motorcycles to park while docking together.

Designer : Mark Wilson

Lane Splitter Hybrid Car by Mark Wilson

Lane Splitter Hybrid Car by Mark Wilson

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Honda Bulldog Motorcycle Is Your Lovable Touring Partner

Honda unveiled BULLDOG motorcycle during press conference at the 31st Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015. With this model, Honda promotes a new world of leisure with motorcycle, it’s been designed and developed to represent the concept of “Lovable Touring Partner”. So yeah, this motorcycle was designed to become your best companion to enjoy outdoor life, it goes beyond the boundaries of conventional motorbike.

Honda BULLDOG features 15-inch wide tires with low center of gravity. The 730mm seat height ensures comfortable and solid footing. It’s hard not to smile when you see its charming body style, even when you are not a motorcycles fan.

From : Honda

Honda Bulldog Motorcycle

Honda Bulldog Motorcycle

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C#3 Motorcycle by Stefan Toth

C#3 Motorcycle is the latest design from Stefan Toth that expresses freedom. It’s a conceptual electric motorbike that combines conventional design with advanced electric technology.

One of the most exciting features of motorcycles is openness. A car works a bit like a membrane, isolating driver and passengers from their environment, inhibiting the feel of wind, the scents, the sounds (Ok, cabrios are exception :). Motorcycles are following contrary manner. Traditional bikes, naked bikes don`t hide the rider neither technical details. Similar principles are used in this concept as well. Accent the openness, the air can pass through the front headlight, between battery cells. The dashboard is transparent, technical details are exposed. Even if it not a fuel engine, wiring, battery can be designed attractive too.

Charging times of e-vehicles are always crucial. In case of C#3, besides charging battery directly there is a possibility of quick switch of the batteries. C#3 LED elements are both for lighting and for improving visibility of the bike. The currently used turn indicators are really tiny, hardly visible. Here, the volume of hydraulic brake fluid is illuminated, the transparent reservoir is the lighting surface. Chain drive is inside tubes of the rear fork and the engine is part of the fork, close to rotating pivot. Therefore, chain is fully covered reducing need of cleaning maintenance.

You can find further information about C#3 from this site:

Designer : Stefan Toth

C#3 Motorcycle by Stefan Toth

C#3 Motorcycle by Stefan Toth

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Hydro Bike : Sporty Hydrogen Powered Bike Design

HYDRO BIKE offers a cheaper way to travel. The design of this bike was meant to save your hard earned money without looking like a cheapskate. Powered by hydrogen cell but added with “unworkable” pair of pedals.

Why the need to have pedals?
As long as it has pedals (self-propelled), it would still legally be considered a bicycle in many countries. There’s no need of a motorcycle license, yearly road tax, summons and anything that cost money for owning a bike.

Designer : Imran Othman

Hydro Bike by Imran Othman

Hydro Bike by Imran Othman

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Arch Motorcycle Company Releases Its First Bike: KRGT-1

Who would have thought Keanu Reeves can build a motorcycle? Apparently he’s a passionate motorcyclist aside from being a great actor. Together with Gard Hollinger, this duo has built Arch Motorcycle Company and just released its first bike: KRGT-1.

Unlike traditional V-twin side-mounted intakes that lay between rider’s leg and disturb ergonomics and balance, the company works together with S&S Cycle to develop Arch Down Draft Induction System. It can be positioned between billet aluminum fuel cells, making this motorcycle sleek, comfortable, and agile. The intake dams have been designed and shaped in a way that collect and deliver air to the torquey 124-inch more efficient while S&S V-twin keeping it fully aspirated. Due to multi-function design, the dams can also support and frame KRGT-1’s billet aluminum headlight housing.

Designer : Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves

Arch Motorcycle Company Releases Its First Bike: KRGT-1

Arch Motorcycle Company Releases Its First Bike: KRGT-1

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